Publish dateSaturday 1 April 2023 - 14:25
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Landslide in Ecuador; 60 people were killed and wounded
International media reports that at least 23 people were killed, 37 were injured and more than 70 people were missing due to a landslide in the city of Alaosí, central Ecuador.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): On Friday, Ecuador's 11 Crisis Management Team announced that at least 23 people were killed due to a massive landslide in the last few days in the city of "Alaosi" located in "Chimborazo" province in the center of this country. and 37 others were injured.
Ecuador's Attorney General's Office announced on Twitter late Friday; Two bodies have been pulled out from under the debris caused by the landslide in Alaosi city, and the number of casualties in this incident has exceeded 20 people and has reached a total of 23 people so far.
Ecuador's crisis management organization also announced that more than 70 people have been lost due to landslides and a total of 500 residents of the areas affected by the landslide have suffered problems.
Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso tweeted that firefighters were dispatched to help those affected.
The government of Ecuador declared a state of emergency in 13 provinces following this earthquake.
According to the officials of this country, the heavy rains in February stopped the transfer of oil from the country's pipelines, and these rains may continue in the Andes mountains in Ecuador from October to May.
As a result of this incident, about 60 houses have been completely destroyed and 160 other houses have been damaged by landslides.
The landslide in Ecuador occurred while a 6.5 magnitude earthquake on the border of this country with Peru killed 15 people a while ago.
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