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Russia became the rotating chairman of the UN Security Council
From Saturday morning, April 1, 2023, Russia assumed the rotating presidency of the United Nations Security Council consisting of 15 member countries of this organization for a period of one month.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Russia assumed the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council for one month. It is expected that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will preside over some Security Council meetings; In addition, risks related to arms exports and peace in the Middle East are likely to be among the main issues of Russia's presidency of the Security Council.
Although Vasily Nebenzia, the permanent representative of Russia in the United Nations, announced that the Security Council will not hold any meetings on Ukraine in April, it is expected that meetings will be held.
According to research, on April 6, the Security Council will hold an informal meeting on the removal of children from the area of Russian military operations in Ukraine, and in this meeting, Russia will inform about the measures taken to protect children.
On the 10th of April, a meeting will be held on the dangers of violating agreements on the export of materials with military use.
According to the report, Lavrov will soon enter New York, but the visa status of him and his accompanying delegation is still unclear due to the current tensions and crises.
On April 25, the Russian Foreign Minister will chair the meeting of the Security Council at the ministerial level on peace in the Middle East.
On April 24, he will chair a meeting on effective multilateralism while maintaining the principles of the United Nations Charter.
Along with China, America, France and England, Russia is one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and can authorize military action, deploy peacekeeping forces, sanction countries and individuals, and refer possible cases of war crimes to the International Criminal Court (ICC).
The non-permanent members of the Security Council are elected by the UN General Assembly for two-year terms.
It should be mentioned that the members of the UN Security Council are introduced in turn and based on the letters of the alphabet as the rotating president of this council.
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