Publish dateThursday 6 April 2023 - 14:49
Story Code : 268050
US asked Islamic Emirate to Reverse Ban on Afghan Women Working with UN
The US Secretary of State, urged the Islamic Emirate authorities to put Afghans first and reverse the ban on females working with the UN.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, Antony Blinken called the latest banning on Afghan women a wrong decision and said, “Disturbed by another reprehensible Islamic Emirate decision banning Afghan women from working with the UN,” said in a tweet.
He further expressed his concerns about the country’s vulnerable Afghans who depend on humanitarian aid and urged the de facto authorities to consider Afghans’ interests and reverse the decision.
On the other hand, UN Chief Antonio Guterres also condemned the ban on Afghan females working with the UN and expressed concerns that the ban would undermine the ability to deliver life-saving assistance to the most vulnerable people of Afghanistan, including women and children.
He also called on the Islamic Emirate reverse this ban immediately, as the UN could not operate without its female staff.
 “If this measure is not reversed, it will inevitably undermine our ability to deliver life-saving aid to the people who need it,” Guterres added.
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