Publish dateSaturday 8 April 2023 - 13:32
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The White House blamed the Trump administration for the scandal of America leaving Afghanistan
By publishing a report, the White House has criticized Donald Trump's administration for limiting the conditions for America's withdrawal and has blamed him for the scandal of America's withdrawal from Afghanistan.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): On Thursday local time, the White House published its report on the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan under Joe Biden's order in 2021.
In this report, the administration of Donald Trump is criticized for limiting the conditions for the exit of the United States.
According to IRNA, during the past months, the key departments and organizations have conducted complete investigations and reviewed the decision-making process and implementation of affairs. Recently, the Secretaries of State and Defense of the United States told the members of the Congress that they will inform the Congress of these investigations by the middle of April.
Today, U.S. government agencies are giving Congress access to these classified investigations, and the National Security Council will also release a document that outlines our views.
US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this country will share with Congress the results of its review of its role in Washington's withdrawal from Afghanistan by the middle of April.
US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said on Wednesday local time at the hearing session of the Senate of this country: I am committed and determined to provide this information to the Congress and we will do it. We will do this until the middle of April.
Secretary of State Biden said: Therefore, I can tell you today, you will be informed of the results of this review. We will share the findings and come up with the appropriate mechanism to do this within the next three weeks.
Blinken added, this report will contain the results of the interviews conducted after leaving Afghanistan, conclusions about the correct or wrong actions of the US State Department and the improvement of the ministry's performance.
On Tuesday, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul said he would subpoena Blinken if he does not produce documents related to the US withdrawal from Afghanistan by Thursday.
Republicans have long sought an investigation into Afghanistan. This is one of the issues that the Republican Party intended to investigate after winning the majority in the House of Representatives in the mid-term elections on November 8, 2022.
Afghanistan was the longest war in American history, which began in 2001 after the September 11 attacks.
In order to end the country's longest war, US President Joe Biden set 17 dark and terrifying days in 2021 for the Americans and the world and a deadly and painful end for the people of Afghanistan until the end of the failed "nation building" project. "Declare America.
In its longest war, America lost nearly 2,500 of its soldiers, but what faced the Biden government with a major challenge was the death of 13 young American soldiers in an ISIS suicide attack outside the Kabul airport, many of which They were babies when the attacks of September 11, 2001 took place.
In the first speech after the withdrawal of his troops from Afghanistan, Biden admitted that this war cost the United States $300 million per day for two decades, and that Washington was faced with two options: withdrawing or increasing the military conflict.
He also admitted that 18 disabled soldiers commit suicide in America every day.
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