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Defending the holy holy place is obligatory for all Muslims/ the Islamic world should stand against global arrogance
The speakers at the conference "Palestine, the axis of the unity of the Islamic world, Quds on the threshold of freedom" which was held in the west of Kabul, considered the defense of the Holy Quds as obligatory for all Muslims and said that the Islamic world should become one nation and stand against global arrogance.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: A meeting entitled "Palestine is the axis of the unity of the Islamic world, Jerusalem is on the threshold of freedom" by the Hamso Schools and High Schools of Knowledge Endeavor Association yesterday (Saturday, April 15) with the presence of scholars, clerics, including Shiites. and Sunnis, educators, school and university professors, officials of the Islamic Emirate and national figures were held in the west of Kabul.
Hojjat al-Islam wal-Muslimeen Seyyed Isa Hosseini Mazari, General Director of Tebian Cultural and Social Activities Center, said in a speech at this meeting that the dignity of a human being, especially a Muslim person and an Islamic country and even the entire Islamic world, is definitely dependent on the support of a country and the use of means and facilities. And there are not and will not be special capacities; Rather, the dignity of a Muslim depends on the worship of God.
Mr. Mazari added that if a person or a group of Muslims and countries serve the Almighty God and act according to the commands of the Almighty God and submit to his command in various religious and political fields, then the Muslims will become honorable and dignified and will be free from authority. This world and the happiness of the hereafter will be enjoyed; But otherwise, they will never step on the path of honor and authority.
Mazari stated that one of the fields of obedience to divine orders is "fighting the oppressor and supporting the oppressed", adding that following this order is actually worshiping the Almighty God and the path of dignity, honor and authority for It makes us smooth.
Based on Mazari's statements; One of the platforms where the issue of oppressors and oppressors exist, and where crimes have been committed for seventy years, is the occupied Palestinian lands, which is occupied by a handful of criminal Zionists, and the Muslim people of this land have been deprived of all their material and spiritual rights, and more importantly That the first Qiblah of the Muslims has been imprisoned.
The general head of the Tabian center further said that if we Muslims enter here and use every opportunity in the field of fighting against the occupying regime of Jerusalem, while obeying our Almighty God, the oppressed people of Palestine, who have been fighting for tens of years to take back their home and liberate Jerusalem. We have also supported Sharif, who is fighting and waging jihad against the most powerful army in the world.
Hosseini Mazari said: "Every day passes by this struggle and jihad, you must be witnessing that this struggle and this movement is becoming more violent, more dynamic and more serious. We cannot say this year that the struggle of the Palestinian people and their authority is the same as last year, or last year was the same as the previous year. Yes, no! You cannot compare the power and greatness of the Palestinians ten years ago with now, now this nation and these people have become much stronger and more powerful than in the past.
Esmatullah Meshaal, the director of Tashah Danesh High School, also said that the Muslim world should take the issue of Palestine seriously and work towards the liberation of Jerusalem from Israel's occupation.
According to his words, Afghan teachers have the duty to familiarize the new generation with the issue of Palestine and motivate the future generation to liberate Jerusalem.
The director of Tehseh Danesh High School said that the issue of Palestine will be solved when all Islamic countries are united.
Asal Mohammad Shakri Badakhshani, a member of the Islamic Religions Association group in this program, referring to the martyrdom days of Imam Ali (a.s.), said that Imam Ali (a.s.) is the proud leader of the Islamic world.
According to the words of Shakri Badakhshani, Quds Sharif is the center of revelation and the land of divine prophets.
Mr. Badakhshani stated that the defense of Quds Sharif is obligatory for every Muslim and added that unfortunately some Islamic countries have provided the least support to Palestine.
He considered the designation of the end of the holy month of Ramadan as the World Quds Day by Imam Khomeini (RA) to be a great and influential move.
This member of the Association of Islamic Religions added that the World Quds Day does not belong to one nation, but belongs to all Muslims in the world.
Asal Mohammad Shakri Badakhshani said: "When a decision is made in the United Nations about Palestine, all the infidel countries support, but the Islamic countries do not show any movement."
According to his words; If the Muslims had fulfilled their duties correctly, the Holy Quds Sharif would now be freed from the clutches of the Zionist regime of Israel.
He also stated that the Islamic world should become one nation and stand against global arrogance.
Maulvi Muslim Yar, the deputy of the Islamic Religions Approximation Group, during a speech at the celebration of the World Quds Day, said that Western countries do not want Islam to progress, and for this purpose, they are preparing various conspiracies to entertain Muslims.
He stated that the aim of the collection of the approximation of Islamic religions is to eliminate ethnic prejudices and create unity among Afghan Muslims.
According to the words of the Deputy of the Islamic Religions Association, Western countries are trying to create division among the people of Afghanistan.
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