Publish dateMonday 24 April 2023 - 09:06
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Continuation of conflicts in Sudan; France also started the departure of its nationals from this country
Despite the announcement of a three-day ceasefire since Friday in Sudan, the clashes have intensified this Sunday and airstrikes have been reported in the "Kafuri" area in the north of Khartoum. Following the publication of news about the escape of American diplomats from Khartoum, France has started the operation to evacuate its nationals from Sudan.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Armed and violent conflicts in Sudan have entered the second week in a row this Sunday, as informed sources report the escalation of conflicts since the early hours of this morning, despite the announcement of a ceasefire in this country.
Also, the English Al-Arabiya channel, citing the French Foreign Ministry, announced: France has started the operation to evacuate its citizens from Sudan. Al-Arabiya has not yet mentioned more details in this regard.
Meanwhile, France reports that the US has evacuated its diplomats from its embassy in Khartoum with the help of the army.
CNN news channel, which published this news, added: American diplomats have left Sudan, and US President Joe Biden announced on Saturday (yesterday) that US government employees were evacuated from Sudan.
Therefore, Biden's report said in a statement: "Today, according to my order, the US Army carried out an operation to remove US government personnel from Khartoum."
This was despite the fact that America had previously announced that it had no intention of withdrawing its diplomats from Khartoum.
The Russia Today network has also announced that at the same time as the process of the departure of foreigners living in Sudan from this country intensified, the clashes between the forces of the Sudanese army led by "Abdul Fattah al-Barhan" and the rapid support forces under the command of "Mohammed Hamdan Daghlo" known as "Hamidati" intensified in some areas.
According to this report, despite the announcement of a ceasefire by both sides, the clashes intensified today, especially in the city of Omdurman in the west of the capital, and airstrikes were reported in the Kafouri area in the north of Khartoum.
In this regard, the command of the Sudan Rapid Support Forces in a statement accused the country's army of violating the ceasefire and carrying out airstrikes against these forces in the Kafouri region.
Rapid Support Forces announced that these attacks have killed and injured dozens of civilians.
On the other hand, the command of the armed forces of Sudan also made counter-accusations against the rapid support forces and announced that these forces are carrying out actions aimed at accusing the army by wearing army uniforms and creating a fake identity for themselves.
In this regard, the AFP also announced that internet services in Sudan have been cut off since this morning.
Also, the Rapid Support Forces announced that a team of this group's forces, who were removing French citizens from the embassy of this country, was targeted and this action endangered the lives of French citizens.
These forces also reported that a French citizen was wounded in this attack.
The Sudanese army has also accused the rapid support forces of attacking several diplomatic delegations and failing the process of deporting foreign nationals of some countries following these attacks.
The conflict in Sudan has entered its second week after the conflicting parties in this country announced their agreement to a 72-hour ceasefire last Friday.
Armed conflicts in Sudan have started since the morning of last Saturday (26 Hamal) between the army forces and the rapid support forces over power, and despite the announcement of a ceasefire, the conflicts continued in different parts of the country.
The counter-attacks of the Sudanese army and the rapid support forces have caused damage to public property and the supply of water and electricity in some areas of Khartoum.
Also, according to the latest statistics, the number of dead has increased to 425 and the number of injured has increased to 3,730.
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