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The need for the government and the people to take advantage of the tremendous regional developments for the benefit of Afghanistan/ Ethnic issues have no place in the Tebyan center
Hussaini Mazari during an important speech in an organizational meeting with a group of cadres and active members of Tebyan Center in Mashhad, about America's failure in Afghanistan, Israel's internal weakness, the authority of the resistance front and the improvement of relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia as the components of the development of tremendous developments. and the creation of a positive regional atmosphere for the benefit of Afghanistan, and emphasizing the need for the government of the Islamic Emirate and the people to take advantage of this atmosphere created in the region, he noted: the countries of Russia, China, India and Iran as the four regional powers, the pillars that create and They will support positive developments in the region. Therefore, the Islamic Emirate should clarify its policy towards these four countries and use their capacity to the maximum extent.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Holy Mashhad: An organizational meeting was held with the presence of a group of officials, cadres and active members of the office of Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center in Mashhad, on Thursday (31 August) in the Hosseinia of Martyr Sayed Ali Akbar Misbah (RA).
Hujjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Hussaini Mazari, while speaking at this ceremony, pointed out the need to maintain the spiritual conditions of the holy month of Ramadan throughout the year and added: It is true that the month of Ramadan is the month of worship and closeness to Allah and the month of Allah's hospitality, but this does not mean that Ramadan If it ends, all the acts of worship will be delayed and we will return to the first place, no! All days and nights and all months and years should be an opportunity for people to worship and focus on Allah.
He explained by reciting the second verse of Surah Mohammad: If a person is a believer and believes in what Allah commands him and what was revealed to the Prophet of Islam (PBUH), Allah will forgive his sins and restore his life. This is a truth that has been proven throughout history, and wherever we see a believer who melts in divine goals and moves in the direction of Allah's commands, he has never been humiliated, weak and such people have been able to be influential in the field of history-making and transformation.
Mentioning the point that the question may arise as to why the people of Afghanistan, who have always been on the path of religion and Allah in their struggles, have suffered such a fate, this expert on religious issues clarified: the answer to this question is completely clear because although the slogans in Afghanistan were religious slogans and although the movements were apparently religious movements, but in reality, the rules of religion were never properly and accurately implemented in Afghanistan.
Hussaini Mazari, in explaining the above matter, specifically pointed to the placing of sectarianism and ethnicity in the place of Allah by prominent Afghan leaders and personalities and mentioned an objective memory and said that during the elections of the House of Representatives in 2009 and the plurality of Shia candidates and the need to reduce their number in order to succeed in reaching the parliament, he visited one of the heads of the parties and talked about this.
The head of Tebyan Center added: This man was the reality of Afghanistan. During the Jihad, there was no discussion of Allah, because if there was a discussion of Allah, how could a party and organizational leader allow himself to order the assassination and killing of such and such a gentleman, but tens, hundreds, and thousands of people. This shows that we did not believe in religion, and if this was the case, such movements should not have happened.
This expert on political issues stated that especially in the political movements of the last few years, ethnicity was the main issue and religious concerns were not raised, and said: A situation had arisen in Afghanistan where religious and divine thinking was pushed to a corner. Even the celebration of religious occasions was not on the agenda, and not only was it not allowed, it was also forbidden. If some Shia parties are investigated, you will see that in their work process, there is not a single case of glorifying the martyrdoms and births of the Imams (a.s.) and other religious occasions.
He pointed out: Due to the anti-religious behavior of some Shia parties, today there are the most moral anomalies and non-hijab and fasting among the Shia people in the west of Kabul, such that the authorities of the emirate reached out to the Shia clergy and said, come and treat your people. Think about it and if we get involved in this story, they will say that the Taliban hit and closed and created problems! Well, collect these obscenities and anomalies yourself.
Emphasizing the negative consequences of Shia mosques being empty of worshippers, especially young and teenage worshipers, and leaving them behind, Hussaini Mazari noted: This amount of indifference to religious issues in the Shia society is due to the fact that Shia personalities did not fulfill their religious duties. The general public is not guilty and they are Muslim, Shiite and religious on a large scale and they adhere to their religious rules and principles, and if there is a deviation at the level of society, it is through the anti-religious actions of these Shia personalities and at the head of them are the prominent personalities of the Shia society.
According to this expert on political issues, many prominent figures of Afghanistan were either compromisers with the Westerners or were conservative and did not say a word in the way of Allah and did not stand by the truth and against falsehood and did not make the slightest effort to remove the veil from seditious movements.
The head of the Tebyan center, pointing out that religious gatherings and funerals until If they are not clear on the path of right against wrong, and if they do not try to create religious authority, they will be of no use, he said: During the time of Imam Hussain (AS), there were mosques, prayers, and religious gatherings, but because of the revival of the duty of the Prophet, he said: The prohibition of evil arose, and of course the discussion of enjoining good and forbidding evil should not only focus on the hijab and the relationship between men and women and minor moral issues, because these are minor issues, the principle and truth of enjoining good and forbidding evil is It is to establish an Islamic government and support it and prohibit the establishment of a tyranny and confront it.
While emphasizing the fact that if we do not introduce the basis of negativity, which is arrogance and its conspiracies, to the society in the macro arena, whatever efforts we make in minor negativity will be useless, he said: We must deal with the basis of negativity in today's world, which is America and Western countries and Israel is to fight. They are trying from the earth and the sky to promote immorality and immorality at the level of Islamic societies and act in order to destroy Islamic societies from the inside and destroy the Muslim community and inflict a fundamental blow on us, which is the enslavement and enslavement of Muslims.
Hussaini Mazari considered America as the basis and center of hatred in Afghanistan and said: Unfortunately, our seminaries were not present and did not have a plan against America and its conspiracies. A few clerics were present in the field of fighting against America, but I believe that only those who were performing their duty in the form of the Tebyan social cultural activities center, but I do not see anyone in the community, and if anyone has documents in this regard, please provide them and I retract my statement on this matter.
He noted: "Brothers and sisters! That we were in trouble in the past and that we are in trouble now and today is because of our distance from Allah and our behavioral problems and actions. Many actions and behaviors and components of our personal life are not Islamic. We have nothing from Islam in the social, political, cultural and economic fields. How many Muslims are we in the economic field? How much Khums and Zakat do we give? How much money do our rich people use for religion according to their religious goals? How much do we believe that our neighbor should not be hungry? These show that there are many problems in our behaviors and actions. Therefore, we talk about religion in society, but our actions are not religious."
Summarizing the first part of his speech, the head of Tebyan Center said: If we are looking for the improvement of our living conditions and religion and to become a powerful country, we must have a relationship with Allah and continue this relationship established during Ramadan. And let's try to be good servants for the Almighty Allah so that Allah will take care of us in this way. My words are not only for you, but for the people of the country, that if Allah Almighty is the center of our political, social, economic and cultural life today, we will become a powerful country.
In the second part of his speech, referring to the emergence of tremendous and fundamental changes in the regional countries, he stated: The first component of these changes is the defeat of America in Afghanistan. America in our country was defeated and disgraced and then weakened. Today's America is not the same as three years ago, five years ago, or even ten years ago. The second component is the internal weakness of Israel, the country that was the head of arrogance in our region is now greatly weakened, and the first area of weakness of Israel is the demonstrations and its internal tense situation. The authority of the resistance front is the second problem of Israel, and the Islamic resistance is now not the resistance of a year and five years ago, but has become much more powerful.
Hussaini Mazari considered the most important factor of the resistance front's authority to be the current connection and coordination between Hamas and the Islamic Jihad organization in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon and other resistance forces in Syria, and said: these currents were not connected and did not have special coordination in the past. Attacks started from Gaza, Hezbollah watched, or, for example, Hezbollah acted while others watched; But now these currents have a common room, which is a common operational room for all these three noble resistance forces, such that Israel is currently under siege from three sides and the most severe pressures.
This expert on international issues named the authority of the resistance in Iraq and Syria as well as the much higher position of the Yemeni Mujahidin as the third component of the tremendous developments in the region and said: these days, the Arab countries are competing with each other to see which one will go first and with Bashar. Assad should speak and create the ground for the construction of their embassies in Syria, and also European and Arab countries and other regions are trying to come to communicate with Syrians and establish representation there.
The head of Tebyan Center pointed to the reconnection of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia as the most important component of regional developments and added: interactive and positive communication between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia can bring good developments to the region and this is a very positive message for our region. Especially Afghanistan, because the conflict and the creation of tension and crisis between Iran and Saudi Arabia has always been a problem for the Islamic world, and this relationship and this strategy will definitely help to strengthen the resistance groups, especially the Yemeni Mujahedeen.
This expert on political issues pointed out that the discussion of strengthening, coordination and role-playing of the four pillars and the economic power of the East, i.e. Russians, Chinese, Indians and Iranians, is another component of developments in our region.
Hussaini Mazari stated that the government of the Islamic Emirate and the people have the duty to take advantage of the conditions of the region and the positive developments that are taking place for the benefit of the country and added: the countries of Russia, China, India and Iran as four Regional power, the pillars of A They will create and support positive regional developments. Here, the Islamic Emirate should clarify its policies towards these four countries and take full advantage of their capacity, although the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate and other government officials have made many efforts and diplomatic activities in the region and the world for their presence.
Referring to the upcoming meeting on Afghanistan, which is scheduled to be held by the special representatives of the countries and the United Nations on May 1st and 2nd in Doha, Qatar, the head of Tebyan Center expressed his hope that there will be positive developments in the Doha meeting and the Islamic Emirate He can take advantage of that space and opportunity and direct the negotiations in his favor.
Emphasizing that the Islamic Emirate should become very serious and active in Afghanistan's internal debates and strive to develop its social bases and prevent the ill-considered statements of lower officials, he noted that some statements or actions of lower officials cause tension in the society, for example: in recent days, one of the deputy ministers of the Ministry of Higher Education issued an order to stop the Jafari Jurisprudence Department in Bamyan University! The news caused a lot of noise and discomfort at the level of the Shiites and caused the concern that the Islamic Emirate may not take inappropriate actions in the future in relation to the Shiites and do something in the direction of not recognizing the Shiite religion and these misunderstandings. This is despite the fact that the Shiites are a large and important group in the country, and if the Shiites are strong and strong next to the Islamic Emirate, the Islamic Emirate will definitely be durable and stable and will continue to rule with authority.
Hussaini Mazari added: But if this group of more than 10 million people are dissatisfied, which will certainly be the case if religion and religious issues are discussed, Shiites will be dissatisfied, then a dangerous platform will be created. Of course, it is possible that the Shiites will not show any movement with the noise and projection of a certain former party leader, because they no longer believe in these fugitive figures who left Afghanistan and are reaching out to western countries; But if the religious debate in Afghanistan is fueled and our Shiites are upset about this, it will definitely create a dangerous situation.
Nevertheless, he pointed out that the Shiites themselves do not make unpleasant moves inside, because the Shiites have proven from the past that they are peaceful, cultured, pious and civil people, and have always tried to solve their problems with words and talks but other exploitative terrorist groups will take advantage of this ground of dissatisfaction of the Shia people and naturally they will start recruiting soldiers, there are also poor people and economic problems. They will be sensitive.
Referring to his conversation and meeting with some officials of the Islamic Emirate regarding the continuation of the legitimacy of the Shia religion, the head of the Tebyan Center added: They said that in the currently drafted constitution, the issue of the Shia religion has been resolved and accepted as an official religion. Certainly, when the Shia religion is official, then there will be Shia jurisprudence departments not only in Bamyan University, but in all universities and in the curriculum of schools, and the issue is resolved; But the senior officials of the Islamic Emirate are expected to stop the statements of the lower-level people in the cabinet and organizational ranks of the Islamic Emirate so that social tension does not arise in this situation where the atmosphere of the region is in our favor and the Shiite spectrum should not fight as an opponent of the Islamic Emirate and in Virtual and real space for such things to happen.
He pointed to the people of Afghanistan as the second spectrum, who should take advantage of the space created following regional developments in the direction of the country's movement towards peace and stability and stop blackmailing. Hussaini Mazari said: Actually, the current conditions are much better than the conditions during the republic. From every angle we look at it, the situation in Afghanistan is better than in the past, there are a series of problems such as the closure of girls' schools and universities, economic issues, and a series of temporary closures in the cities by the intelligence and some other institutions.
Condemning the labeling of some people and movements, the head of the Tebyan Center noted: We and our colleagues in the organization of the Tebyan Center have followed up on these problems. We talked about stopping the teaching of Jafari jurisprudence, we took a clear stand on the blocking of Shia schools and the Jafari jurisprudence department. We are inside, we both work and interact with the Islamic Emirate and we speak our words, if this is not the use of the country's positive atmosphere and an opportunity, then what is?
He added: Any other personality, organization and institution in Afghanistan can do this. The more the number of people like us and the number of organizations like the Tebyan Center in Afghanistan increases, it will benefit the society and the people, and it will be easier to be effective in solving problems and dilemmas. That people don't take action, don't work, run away, leave the scene, and then start blackmailing and don't accept anyone's words, and whatever we say, there are dozens of positive points in the government, but they say because you are in favor of the emirate.
Hussaini Mazari continued: Someone in Imo contacted me and started accusing me! I said that you are sitting alone in Qom and you believe that you know everything and all your conversations are true, but we who are inside Afghanistan and have hundreds of employees in different provinces and are present at different levels of society and system, we are not telling the truth and we do not know! Your ultimate connection with Afghan society is Facebook or social pages and nothing else. The analysis of someone like you who came and sat in Mashhad, Qom and Tehran, America or elsewhere is correct, but my analysis, who is inside Afghanistan, is not correct! What logic does this really have? Our society must abandon this logic. If we are mercenaries, then what are you? If you are not a mercenary, then what are you doing and where are you sitting? What kind of wage and salary is this that we live and work in Kabul under the blade of insecurity and you live comfortably abroad?
Referring to the unprecedented reception of the organization of the Tebyan Center and the joining of hundreds of people from Bamyan, Logar and other provinces to this organization in recent days, he considered it as an indicator of the effectiveness of the organization and the activities of colleagues inside the country and said: I am here behind this I admire our colleagues in Afghanistan, who are seriously and actively present in the public arena in very bad security conditions and do not count on anyone except Allah. Therefore, I advise our colleagues outside Afghanistan to undertake serious organized work around the intellectual and religious axis.
The head of the Tebyan Center stated that the main focus of this organization is religion and Allah, and no other issues or discussions are important, and noted that every brother and sister who entered this organization with a different view made a mistake. The Tebyan Center is not the place for ethnic discussions and we are not looking for a combination that, for example, increases the number of Sadats and tries to attract the Hazaras. no!
Hussaini Mazari added: I also consider those who work under the title of Sadat's tribe to be polytheists. Those who work around ethnicity, whether this ethnicity is Hazara, Sayed or any other ethnicity, they do not have religion and at the very least, they do not have political consciousness. Is it better for a person who has political consciousness to have four people from other ethnic groups with him or not? This is our own people, which is our people, why don't we try so that other people's people are not with us?! Any Hazara who has the slightest sensitivity towards Sayed.
At the end of his speech, the head of the Tebyan Center, referring to the plan of the enemies under the name of ethnicism in Afghanistan, said: This plan was the enemy and although it was discussed in the past, but especially in the last 20 years, this debate was fueled a lot and it has caused serious problems. Today, as a religious and provincial organization, we have a duty to resolve this issue. Therefore, our personalities inside the organization should not say, Mr. Mazari, we came and thought that you made changes, but this organization is all from one people! No, from any ethnic group who comes to our organization and is worthy and accepts responsibility, we are at his service, but not because we must come to make the composition, because we are not looking for the composition.
In the continuation of this meeting, Hojjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimin Sayed Nasruddin Mohseni, confirming the words of Mr. Mazari, said that the axis of unity in Islam and the Quran is faith. Allah says: "But the believers are brothers", he didn't even say Muslims are brothers, but believers are brothers, and Allah also defends and supports the believers, and he says in another place that we support and defeat the prophets and believers in this world as well. Throughout history, it has been proven that whoever was with Allah was victorious and whoever was out of faith was harassed, oppressed, oppressed and oppressed.
Mr. Mohseni added: Today, if we see the authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran after 40 years of the victory of the revolution, it is due to the blessing of the faith of Imam Khomeini (RA) and the believers who fought alongside him and the leadership that has remained steadfast until now. . Imam Khamenei is the helmsman of the revolution and has led these people. Unfortunately, we have a leadership problem in Afghanistan. The Muslim nation of Afghanistan is a religious and emotional nation, but unfortunately, during the history of the revolution, leaders were either deviant or the right leader was not found, and today we are faced with these problems. We ask Allah to provide a healthy, faithful and powerful leader for the Muslim nation of Afghanistan.
Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Hashemi Rasti, the head of the Tebyan Center office in Mashhad, in his speech while welcoming the visit of Mr. Hosseini Mazari from Afghanistan, said: One of the most deadly social plagues is the plague of inattention and neglect, in the sense that if the people, the elites The society and the educated people and the youth are indifferent and careless towards the issues related to the society and the destiny of the country, and they are neglected. It has become liquid, cultural, economic and religious, and the yoke of tyranny and colonialism will be easily thrown on the neck of such a society.
It is for this reason that in the religious teachings and teachings and in the teachings derived from the revelations and the school of Ahl al-Bayt (AS) it is emphasized not to be neglected and to pay serious attention to individual, social and family duties and try to do this Responsibilities to perform our duties accurately.
According to Mr. Hashemi, the center of cultural and social activities of Tebyan has tried for several decades and has made a serious and redoubled effort to guide people with scientific and practical solutions inside and outside the country, and the director general of the Tebyan center with the scientific guidance he has had in For several decades, according to the ups and downs and changes that our society has had, it has traveled this path with strength and strength.
He added: Today, we are trying to ensure that our society does not suffer from indifference in any way, that this pest does not spread to society, and that people actively participate in political, social and cultural activities, and one of the campaigns of the Tebyan Center, which friends took over, is to provide the field for elite activity in Afghanistan, and the offices of the Tebyan Center are trying to establish a connection between the new generation and the developments, and to provide a basis for thinking and presenting a plan for the educated youth, so that the communication between Our young generation and the developments in Afghanistan should not be interrupted.
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