Publish dateMonday 15 May 2023 - 12:24
Story Code : 270067
An open-seated Zionist general: the victory of Islamic Jihad in the 5-day battle against the Zionist regime
Yitzhak Barik, a retired army officer of the Zionist regime, said: Islamic Jihad won the recent battle of Azadgan's revenge and had the upper hand in it.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Some Israeli media have written that the senior officer's confession was made during a debate between Gershon Hakohin and Emetsia Teshin in the Israeli army about the recent battle.
According to this report, three Zionist generals agreed that the Islamic Jihad movement won this round of the battle.
General Barik pointed out that the reason for Israel's failure is that the Air Force could not stop rockets from Gaza for five days towards the occupied cities and towns, whose resistance has been targeted by its missiles.
Saraya al-Quds, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad movement and other Palestinian resistance groups, has fired 1,469 missiles and rockets at Zionist cities and towns in the recent five-day war, according to the Zionists.
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