Publish dateSunday 28 May 2023 - 08:48
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UNAMA’s head meets with Turkmenistan FM
The head of United Nations Assistance Missions in Afghanistan (UNAMA) met with the foreign minister of Turkmenistan.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, Turkmenistan’s foreign ministry has said the two sides emphasized on the importance of the cooperation between the regional countries and the United Nations regarding the many challenges, particularly economic and humanitarian crises that Afghanistan is currently faced with.
International cooperation to implement development projects in Afghanistan and the country’s entry into the global economy were also discussed by Otunbayeva and Turkmenistan foreign minister, Raşit Meredow.
Furthermore, the TAPI project was also discussed during the meeting, the Turkmenistan Ministry of foreign affairs stated.
Otunbayeva traveled to Turkmenistan to participate in the meeting of the special representatives of countries for Afghanistan.
In separate meetings, the Turkmenistan foreign minister met with Terhi Hakala, the EU Special Representative for Central Asia and Tomas Niklasson, EU envoy for Afghanistan.
The situation in Afghanistan and issues related to cooperation and maintaining a broad dialogue regarding the country were among the topics discussed in these meetings.
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