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Border disputes will not cause deep changes in Iran-Afghanistan relations/ the atmosphere of constructive interaction is still established
Experts on regional issues and Afghanistan in the Islamic Republic of Iran, referring to the long-standing, deep and civilizational relations between the two countries, emphasize that some border disputes for various reasons will definitely not cause deep changes in these relations and the expansion of relations. It will prevent the influence of marginal issues. According to these experts, the atmosphere of constructive interaction between Iran and Afghanistan is still in place and if, God forbid, some developments lead to a worsening of the real situation, then an irreparable betrayal has been committed.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: Sayed Reza Sadr al-Hosseini, a senior expert on regional issues in the Islamic Republic of Iran, regarding recent developments in the border areas of Iran and Afghanistan and how Iran interacts, said: The issue of relations between the two nations of Iran and Afghanistan is an ancient, civilizational, language and religion and on this basis we should note that some of the border disputes due to several reasons such as the lack of necessary training by the Afghan border guards and issues such as not paying attention to international regulations or the influence of some currents opposing the strengthening of relations between the two countries that It will arise from some points, it will definitely not cause deep changes.
In an interview with Tasnim news agency, he added: We should note that as in the recent case during the last two years when the Taliban (Islamic Emirate) has been in power in Afghanistan, several hours of conflict have arisen, in this recent border conflict. It was the same way, and after a few hours, this matter was finished, and a joint team from both sides is supposed to be formed and sent to the region as soon as possible to investigate the causes and factors of this conflict.
Sadr al-Hosseini also stated regarding the movements of the security and intelligence services, including the Mossad, British and American services in the region and the attempt to marginalize against the rational and macro policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran: The more the relations between the two countries expand in the political, economic and commercial fields, the issues will definitely Subordinate and marginal issues such as border conflicts and the like cannot affect the main issues.
In response to the question that exactly what kind of cooperation is effective in the interaction between the two countries, he said: There are several basic points; The issue of political agreements is one of the most important issues. The issues of border crossings agreement, the intertwining of trade between the two countries, joint investments, the issue of roads and railways, scholarships and all kinds of communication in various commercial, financial and economic fields can help this issue effectively.
On the other hand, Dr. Bahram Zahedi, senior expert on Afghanistan and Pakistan studies in Iran, in response to the question of who benefits from the conflict between Tehran and Kabul, stating that these days, the level of tension between Iran and Afghanistan has expanded for various reasons. , said: Someone publishes a video of Taliban (Islamic Emirate) motorcyclists with yellow barrels eight months ago (the video is a part of the parade eight months ago on the anniversary of the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan) and inappropriate songs and voiceovers are also on it and then everyone, from this faction and that faction and this taste and that taste, republish it in the virtual space, without knowing whose puzzle pieces they complete.
In an interview with Quds news agency, he said: "Independent Farsi and Afghanistan International are celebrating today that religious and revolutionary channels are publishing the same images that they wanted and had shown on their networks."
Zahedi clarified: The reality is that the atmosphere of constructive interaction between Iran and Afghanistan is still established, and if, God forbid, such developments lead to an escalation of the real atmosphere, then an irreparable betrayal of the government has been committed. The long-term pressures of the United States on the political, economic and so-called human rights aspects of the two countries of Iran and Afghanistan will reach their final result when it can be accompanied by the sedition and heavy conflict of each of these countries with one or more of their neighbors.
He expressed hope that the statesmen of the two countries will be aware of the seriousness of the situation and avoid any emotional and provocative actions.
On the other hand, Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Sayed Isa Hosseini Mazari, one of the political activists of Afghanistan and the head of the center of cultural and social activities of Tebyan, has published an article and said that the competent officials of Afghanistan and Iran must be aware that there are hands from outside the region at work to improve the relationship between the two. The country is not only damaged, but it will lead to tension and crisis and finally a dangerous war, which will not benefit these two countries, nor the region, nor the world.
He considered it the responsibility of governments to exchange positions on international issues and stated that good relations and bilateral cooperation are for the benefit of Iran and Afghanistan, and only the enemies are happy to destroy the relationship between the two governments and the nation, and to create and increase hostilities between them. They noted that the minds of both sides will not allow happiness to form in the enemy's camp.
This is despite the fact that the recent words of some of the rejected and expelled commanders and forces of the Islamic Emirate, which have received a lot of attention and visits these days on social pages, do not and do not express the official positions of the caretaker government of Afghanistan regarding the Islamic Republic of Iran. By abusing the current inflammatory atmosphere, such people seek to promote themselves and personal exploitation and must be prevented.
According to the official position of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which was published on Saturday, 6th of Gemini, as a result of the meeting of the political commission of the government, having good relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, while emphasizing the observance of the Helmand River Agreement between the two countries, is part of the policy of the Islamic Emirate.
Spokespersons of the Ministries of Defense and Interior also stressed on avoiding any conflict between the two countries following the border conflict on Saturday and noted that the policy of the Islamic Emirate is not a war with the neighbor.
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