Publish dateThursday 8 June 2023 - 10:55
Story Code : 271410
2000 people have been evacuated from the Ukrainian-controlled part of the flood zone 
The Nova Kakhovka dam blast on Tuesday caused widespread flooding. More than 30,000 cubic metres of water are reportedly gushing out of the reservoir every second.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: Ukrainian officials said evacuations and rescue operations are underway as 40,000 people are in danger amid an expected peak level of flooding on Wednesday, adding that so far, 17,000 people had been evacuated from the flooded areas.

The remaining people are in the Russian-controlled part and need to be evacuated as well, they added.

Video footage showed Ukrainian army, police forces and emergency services equipped with inflatable boats trying to evacuate Kherson residents from the flooded areas.

A video released by Ukraine’s defense ministry also showed floodwaters inundated the streets while people sought safety on top of a truck.

Ambulances were also stationed to help the injured upon reaching drier ground.

Early on Tuesday, the Nova Kakhovka dam was destroyed, with satellite images and videos on social media showing a series of intense explosions around the dam, as flood water was unleashed across the war zone.

The flood, threatening scores of villages, sparked fear of large-scale devastation and mass evacuation.
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