Publish dateFriday 9 June 2023 - 13:16
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Increase in the number of suicides in Bamyan Province/ In the first three months of this year, 4 suicides have recorded
Local officials in Bamyan province say that in the last two months, 4 suicide cases have been registered in this province, and all these four cases happened among young people.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Bamyan: Maulavi Sediqullah Shahin Musafir; The police commander of Bamyan Province says that most of the suicide incidents that have happened are caused by poverty and family problems.
Bamyan Police Commander adds that according to statistics, since the beginning of 1402 AH, 4 cases of suicide have been recorded in this province.
Mr. Musafir pointed out that suicide is haram from the point of view of Islam and said: "The majority of people who commit suicide are not aware of religion and sharia and do not know that suicide is haram from the point of view of Islam."
In the latest incident, a 13-year-old boy hanged himself in the center of Bamyan province, an incident that local authorities in Bamyan province cited as the reason for family problems after investigation.
However, religious and social experts also in Bamyan province, referring to the positions of the holy religion of Islam on suicide, asked families and religious scholars to propagate about the unfortunate consequences of suicide among young people.
Reza Ebrahim, a professor at Bamyan University, said, "Suicide exists in all human societies, but in Afghanistan, this phenomenon is repeated mainly due to poverty and family problems."
According to this social affairs expert, social pressures, being deprived of the most basic rights of life, poverty and family problems are the main causes of suicide of young people and teenagers in Afghanistan, especially Bamyan.
On the part of the religious scholars, however, this situation is caused by the lack of promotion of the position of suicide in terms of the holy religion of Islam and its consequences after death, and they consider this phenomenon as a souvenir of the West for Muslim societies.
Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin, Dr. Jafar Hanif, one of the leading religious scholars in Bamyan province, told AVA: "Those who die due to suicide will have their place in hell, and this requires a wide propagation by religious scholars in pulpits and mosques."
According to the statistics, most of those who have committed suicide in Bamiyan are young people and teenagers, and according to the statistics collected by the Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), while last year only four cases of suicide were recorded in Bamiyan. have been; But this year, in less than four months, 4 cases of suicide have been registered.
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