Publish dateSaturday 10 June 2023 - 14:33
Story Code : 271499
Afghan MMA Fighter Released from Indian Prison
An Afghan free fighter who was arrested for beating and assaulting an Indian MMA fighter, was released after spending a year in prison in India.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, Abdul Karim, Badakhshi’s brother on Saturday, June 9, confirmed the MMA fighter’s release to the media and said he has been released after spending a year in jail.
According to his family, Badakhshi had severely beaten up an Indian MMA fighter during a fight, which resulted to his arrest by this country’s police later.
Meanwhile, Abdul Azim Badakhshi claimed that he punched the Indian MMA fighter who sustained serious injuries for insulting Afghanistan.
Prior to this incident, Mr. Badakhshi was admitted to the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF).
Badakhsi was supposed to fight his first match against an opponent from China on May 24, in Shanghai City, which was canceled due to not receiving his visa on time.
In a Facebook post, the Afghan MMA fighter emphasized that he is determined to get a chance to fight in UFC in the future.   
Badakhshi, the first-ranked athlete in South Asia, has recorded 13 victories and three defeats in his professional career so far.
Meanwhile, in the Central Asian ranking, he has secured 7th place, a decent position for a young, motivated athlete who has a chance to fight many more matches and win many victories.
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