Publish dateTuesday 13 June 2023 - 10:01
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Erdogan called for the recognition of the Republic of Northern Cyprus
The President of Turkey, who visited the Republic of Northern Cyprus, called for the international recognition of this region.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who visited Turkish Cyprus in his first trip abroad after winning the elections, called for international recognition of this region.
According to "Agence France-Presse", Erdogan met with "Arsin Tatar", the leader of Turkish Cypriots on Monday. His government is recognized only by the Turkish government.
At a joint press conference with Tartar, Erdogan said: "If there is to be a return to the negotiating table, the way is to recognize Turkish Cyprus."
Cyprus has been divided into two parts since 1974 following the attack of the Turkish army. In that year, the government of Archbishop Makarios, the president of Cyprus at the time, was overthrown in a military coup, and Turkey based its position as one of the guarantors of the sovereignty of Cyprus, stationed its army units in the north of this land. Even now, UN peacekeeping forces are patrolling the area that separates the self-proclaimed Republic of Turkish Cyprus from the south.
The Turkish-occupied Cyprus declared its independence in 1983 and renamed it the Republic of Northern Cyprus, but the United Nations and the countries of the world have not recognized it until now. Turkish Cyprus is economically dependent on Türkiye. During the second round of presidential elections in Turkish Cyprus, Erdogan lost to his rival Kemal Kilicdaroglu.
According to this news source, Erdogan said in this press conference: "The just demands of Turkish Cypriots are clear and explicit."
Following the discovery of large energy reserves in this region, tensions have become more severe. Türkiye has more than 35,000 soldiers in Turkish Cyprus. It has been almost 6 years since there have been no talks under the support of the United Nations regarding the issue of Turkish Cyprus with (Greek) Cyprus.
Not long ago, the Turkish government announced that it will deploy more troops to protect the Turkish Cypriots and provide the region with everything they need in terms of weapons. This decision was made after the US government announced the sale of weapons to Cyprus. This decision angered Ankara and the Turkish Cypriot sector.
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