Publish dateFriday 16 June 2023 - 11:44
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There is no difference that harms the Islamic Emirate system/ what is there is propaganda against this system!
The Acting Minister of Defense of the Islamic Emirate denied the existence of differences within the Islamic Emirate and said that any differences that harm the system do not exist in this government, and what exists is a propaganda process against this system.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Mullah Muhammad Yaqob Mujahid said in another part of his new television interview: "I myself have a lot of information in this system and I have worked and served for a long time. There is no division, no opposition, confrontation or anything else that is detrimental to the system. This is only a process of propaganda against the system.
Mr. Mujahid also said that some of the demands of the international community are against Islamic Sharia and Afghan culture, which is not acceptable for the Islamic Emirate, and demands against Islamic laws will never be accepted in the country.
According to him, the formation of inclusive government, educational issues and freedom of expression are internal issues of the country and the world should not interfere in such issues.
The Acting Minister of Defense emphasized in this TV interview: "We do not allow foreigners to interfere in internal matters. What is the nature of government? In any form, who is in the government and who is not, what is the education system and how should you behave regarding freedom of speech. From the past, our policy has been such that the Afghans themselves should decide in this regard.
In another part of his speech, he added that the United States of America is on the path of enmity with the caretaker government of Afghanistan. He also asked America to stop interfering in Afghanistan's internal affairs.
Mr. Mujahid added: "We ask America that Afghanistan is an independent and free country. He should have his freedom in cultural, political and economic sectors. They should not try to keep it under their control or apply their goals to it.
This senior military official of the Islamic Emirate government has said about the border clashes between the border guards of the Islamic Emirate and the border guards of the neighboring countries that the caretaker government does not want to fight and conflict with any country, especially with the neighboring countries.
He said about the border conflicts: "Sometimes it has happened that Afghans have been shot at and martyred in some borders. These cases have also happened with Pakistan and Iran and it has happened with other countries as well. There is tension between our security forces and them."
Mr. Mujahid has emphasized that the caretaker government wants to have good relations with all countries, including neighbors. He once again assured that the Islamic Emirate will never allow Afghanistan's soil to be used against the countries of the world.
Meanwhile, the United Nations Security Council Sanctions Monitoring Committee recently published a new report on the performance of the Islamic Emirate and raised contradictory issues regarding some internal disputes among the senior officials of this Emirate, which were denied The spokesman of the Islamic Emirate faced severe.
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