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The Islamic Emirate should provide the opportunity to hold exhibitions abroad/ prevent the import of similar products
Traders and industrialists of manufactured products in the second "Seven-day national and international exhibition of Imam Abu Hanifa" in Kabul, ask the Islamic Emirate to provide the ground for holding exhibitions in neighboring countries and the region. They also want to prevent the import of similar and low-quality products into the country.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: The second national and international exhibition of Imam Abu Hanifa with the participation of hundreds of manufacturing companies for seven days by the chambers of commerce and investment and the cooperation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade yesterday (Sunday, July 16) with the presence of special guests from Neighboring countries and the region and the representative of the European Union were held in Kabul.
In this exhibition, a variety of domestic products such as; Fruits, electronic devices, food, soft drinks, ornamental stones, local clothes and the latest achievements of the private and manufacturing sector of the country have been exhibited.
In the second seven-day national and international exhibition of Imam Abu Hanifa, domestic companies and traders and traders and investors from the countries of Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, and Turkmenistan have exhibited their products.
Mubarez Alami, vice president of Alami Uruzgani Manufacturing Company, who participated in this exhibition, told Ava reporter: "The exhibition is a good opportunity for businessmen, industry and people. It is useful for industrialists to display their products. It is also useful for people to show their products." Get to know domestic products."
According to Alami, currently there are many problems blocking the way of producers, banking problems, electricity problems and smuggling of low-quality materials are among the major problems of producers.
He wants the Islamic Emirate to cooperate with investors and encourage businessmen and solve their problems.
On the other hand, Haji Khairuddin Mayel, the commercial vice president of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment, in an interview with AVA reporter, said that companies from Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and Turkmenistan participated in this exhibition and the presence of people was also very strong, which shows their interest. Citizens give.
Mr. Mayel said that the Chamber of Commerce and Investment has created a clear path for the growth of the country's economy.
He also said that 700 production companies from all over the country have participated in this exhibition, a part of which is reserved for women, and women workers have exhibited their products and handicrafts.
The commercial deputy of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment added that some of the products of the neighboring countries were also exhibited in this exhibition and the representatives of the neighboring countries welcomed this exhibition and said that such exhibitions should be provided outside Afghanistan.
Mr. Mayel added that in this exhibition and at the end of each day, a report on the country's economic situation is shared with representatives of foreign countries, and we are trying to make domestic businessmen cooperate with foreign businessmen, and for now, the ground for this work has been provided.
Khairuddin Mayel says that we promise our people that in the near future we will provide the opportunity to hold exhibitions in neighboring countries and other countries.
On the other hand, Mohammad Sarwar Turkman, a representative of an import company that imports products from Turkmenistan, told AVA reporter: "It is the first time that we have participated in the exhibition and the people's reception has been very good."
Mohammad Sarwar Turkman added that in exhibitions we can sign contracts with the Ministry and other companies, which is a golden opportunity for all manufacturing and import companies.
On the other hand, Ahmad Noor, one of the participants in the exhibition, says that this exhibition has provided a good opportunity for the private sector.
Mr. Noor added that domestic products are of better quality than foreign products and the government should prevent the import of low-quality and similar products.
He said that one of the problems of producers is the smuggling of low-quality materials and said that similar imports of domestically produced products should be stopped.
Najibullah, the manager of a manufacturing company, told AVA reporter that such exhibitions are very important in introducing domestic products to the people, and we ask the caretaker government to provide the opportunity to hold exhibitions abroad so that manufacturers can sell domestic products to other countries. Introduce.
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