Publish dateTuesday 18 July 2023 - 19:39
Story Code : 273463
PM Kabir: Enemies of Islam Never Want a Pure Islamic System to Rule in Afghanistan
In a meeting with the officials and Mujahidin of the Special Division of Forces of Afghanistan, Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate, said, the enemies of Islam never want a pure Islamic system to rule and last in Afghanistan.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, In a meeting, Mawlavi Abdul Kabir said: “If it were not the endless victory of God Almighty, your courage and sacrifice and the likes of you, from other Mujahidin, with the apparent means of the Mujahidin, the defeat of NATO and the United States would not have been in anyone’s understanding. It was your championship that amazed the world and led the jihad to victory.
“You are the one who remained the freedom to the world and the oppressed people of the world inspired you to fight,” he added.
Now that the two important goals of jihad, which were the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan and the formation of the Islamic system, have been gained, the other fundamental goal of us and you are to preserve this Islamic system, Kabir said.
The enemies of Islam never want to prevail in a pure Islamic system in Afghanistan, he said.
During the meeting, Mawlavi Mujtabi, on behalf of the special division of the Islamic Emirate forces, assured the officials of the Islamic Emirate that they were ready to accept any order, said that as the Mujahidin and the martyrs of the Islamic Emirate sacrificed to consolidate the Islamic system, they are still ready to protect this system.
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