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The defeat of the enemies of the Muslims is the reason for the intensification of attacks against Quran
The head of Tebyan Cultural and Social Activities Center on Wednesday, July 26, in a ceremony to mark the condemnation of desecration of the Holy Quran and the dimming of Hosseini's mourning gatherings, and the eighth month of Muharram and the days of mourning for the leader of the martyrs, Imam Hussein (AS) in Kabul. By stating that the enemies of Islam and humanity throughout history have tried to downplay the instructions of the Holy Quran and the teachings of Ahl al-Bayt (a.s.), but they have failed every time. He emphasized: In the current situation, calling the Taliban that the belong to America and propaganda against the Islamic Emirate without reason is playing on American soil and increases grudges and conflicts, which can eventually lead to war and conflict, while the people of Afghanistan do not want war anymore. Referring to the restrictions imposed by the Islamic Emirate during the days of Ashura, Hosseini Mazari said: "If the restrictions are not for security reasons, they are uncomfortable and not approved."
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: On the occasion of the condemnation of the desecration of the Holy Quran by the enemies in Sweden and Denmark, and the 8th of Muharram and the arrival of the martyrdom days of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) and his loyal companions, A magnificent party under the title of "Saqlain; The appeal of the followers and the aggression of the enemies, messages and consequences" was held by the central office of the Tebian Social Cultural Activities Center in Kabul, with the presence of the general director of the center, scholars, scientists, youth, cultured people and different people in Kabul.
The speakers in this gathering talked about the importance of the Quran and Atrat and the role of these two in the fields of political, social and moral life, and emphasized that the enemies of Islam and humanity throughout history tried to dilute the instructions of the Holy Quran and the teachings of the Ahl al-Bayt (A.S.). , but at any time they failed against these two great trusts of the Prophet (PBUH) to guide mankind.
Hojjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimin Sayed Isa Hosseini Mazari, the general director of Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center and the Afghan Voice (Ava) news agency, said in a speech at this meeting: the enemies of Islam and Muslims or those who have been influenced by the conspiracies of the enemies and also uninformed currents And those who don't know much about school and religion are those who have always stood and taken a position against the Qur'an.
According to him, recently, widespread attacks against the Qur'an have intensified, as in Sweden and Denmark, the Holy Qur'an is being desecrated in an organized manner, and efforts are being made against the Prophet (PBUH) with the coming of Ashura. To make the flow of Ashura dim! Why are they trying in this field? The reason is the humiliation and defeat of the enemies of Islam who commit such ridiculous and inhuman acts.
Based on the words of the head of Tebyan Center, during the last few decades, the enemy tried to inflict heavy blows on Muslims and Islamic countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, etc. and to subjugate the Muslim nations. But all these conspiracies failed, especially in Afghanistan.
According to him, America spent hundreds of billions of dollars in Afghanistan to make this country its colony and from here to monitor its rival countries such as Russia, China, India and Iran, or at least to manage the economy of the regional powers for its own benefit. , but he could not and not only failed against the people of Afghanistan, but his reputation went down on the world level and today he is no longer that America and the West a few years ago and he is only struggling to maintain his awe and hegemony on the surface and pretend that in Afghanistan has not failed, but it has changed its policy towards Afghanistan.
According to this eminent religious scholar, the West can no longer take field action against Islamic countries, so it has turned to light activities such as burning the Quran and insulting the holy things of Muslims, which is trying to achieve two goals from this field work; First, strengthening the morale of their nations while promoting anti-Islamism, and secondly, mocking and weakening the morale of Muslim nations, and moreover, he wants to pretend that he has not failed in Islamic countries, especially in Afghanistan, and that he can insult the holy things of Muslims practically and publicly, while Burning a copy of the Koran under the protection of the government police is not a very difficult task, although it can hurt the hearts of Muslims.
The head of AVA news agency added; One of America's strategies to make up for its failure in Afghanistan is to replace the Islamic Emirate, and it is trying to pretend that in collusion with the Taliban, it handed over the government of Afghanistan to them, so they are mercenaries and vassals of America, or in other words, The other side of the coin is the republic in the current situation, while this claim is false for several major reasons;
First, that all the officials of the Islamic Emirate are scholars of religion and according to the explicit order of the Holy Quran, they never compromise with the infidels, because it provides the way for the infidels to dominate Afghanistan.
Second, they know that friendship with the enemy does not have a happy ending and is like relying on a spider's web, and they have also understood from history that every person and movement that took the infidels as their guardians has perished. In terms of contemporary politics, they have seen the fate of some countries and their presidents, how they were disgraced.
At the same time, compromise with America will question their 20 years of struggle and alienate the people who have fought alongside them, so if they want their power and the current system to remain, they will not do such a thing and if people feel for a moment responsible hand The system is stretched towards America, it will definitely be scattered and there will be differences.
In another part of his speech, Hosseini Mazari also mentioned the restrictions imposed by the Islamic Emirate during the days of Ashura and said: "If the restrictions created are not for security reasons, it is not right, but this is definitely not a proof that the Islamic Emirate is American."
According to the head of Tebyan Center, in the current American situation, calling the Islamic Emirate is playing on American soil and acting according to Washington's treacherous plan, and propaganda against the Taliban without reason increases grudges and conflicts and can ultimately lead to war and conflict.
He stressed: Instead of spreading hatred, Afghan personalities should have constructive criticism and if they have plans and proposals for the development of the country, they should present them. Also, they should introduce expert and committed people, because they should be moved in the body of the system and the government should also support meritocracy.
According to Hosseini Mazari, the only way to save the country in the current situation is extensive cultural and economic activities, with the presence of specialized and committed people, as well as Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center has been active in this field for 32 years and continues to be active after this.
At the same time, Hojjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimeen Mohammad Arif Elhami, Mullah Imam of the Sajjadiye Mosque in Kabul, one of the other speakers of this gathering, referring to the topic of today's gathering, said: The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) entrusted two important and precious things to the Ummah.
According to the words of this religious scholar, if Muslims make the Qur'an and Atrat the model of their lives and follow it, they will never go astray.
According to him, if the life of the Ahl al-Bayt (a.s.) and the way and character of those dignitaries are known correctly and the Quran is correctly translated, interpreted, understood and applied in the society, Muslims will be saved from problems and all miseries and inequalities will be ended. .
Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Yar Mohammad Rahmati, the head of the central office of the Tebyan social cultural activities center, while appreciating and thanking the participants in this event, said: "The precious prophet of Islam entrusted two precious things among the Muslim Ummah, one is the Qur'an and the other is Atrat."
According to this religious scholar, if Muslims hold on to these two great trusts of the Prophet (PBUH) (Qur'an and Atrat), they will never go astray.
From Rahmati's point of view, grasping the Qur'an is recitation in the first stage, and understanding, deliberation and action in the next stage.
He also added: When the Qur'an is not followed and paid attention to, and this divine instruction does not play a role in life except for reciting it in cemeteries, the Ahl al-Bayt (AS) will definitely not be recognized either.
It should be noted that the event started with the reading of several verses from the words of Allah Majeed by the country's international reciter, Hojjat al-Islam wal-Muslimeen Abdul Shakur Fallah, and continued with the performance of Hossein Shah Hosseini, the praise of Ahl al-Bayt Qari Muhammad Kazem Gul Mohammadi and Karbalai Yahya Samadi. And then it ended with congregational prayer.
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