Publish dateWednesday 23 August 2023 - 10:17
Story Code : 275388
The start of several projects worth 24.5 million Afghanis in Logar
Local officials in Logar Province say that the work of several public benefit projects including retaining walls and 16 culverts worth 24.5 million Afghanis has been started by the Public Works Department of Logar Province.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: In addition to Maulavi Inayatullah Shuja, the deputy governor of Logar, a number of other local officials and engineers of the contracted company participated in the program held for this purpose in Logar province.
Maulavi Inayatullah Shuja, the deputy governor of Logar, expressed his happiness at the start of these projects and said that by implementing such projects, along with creating job opportunities for citizens, the homeland will also be pushed towards Rafa and Abadi.
The deputy governor of Logar also asked the Directorate of Public Works of Logar to make more efforts in the field of repairing roads, culverts and creating retaining walls in other areas of Logar.
It is said that currently these projects include the construction of retaining walls next to the roads, repairing and rebuilding bridges.
The officials of this department added that they will open other projects in the coming days.
It should be noted that the financial costs of these projects are paid by the Ministry of Public Works worth more than 24.5 million Afghanis, which are implemented by the "Zahed Elham" construction company in the "Altumor" area of Logar Province.
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