Publish dateMonday 28 August 2023 - 13:31
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Zelensky: We are ready for a long war, like Israel
The president of Ukraine says, as Israel lives in war for a long time, we can be in war for a long time like them.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): "Volodymyr Zelenskyi", the president of Ukraine, in his latest interview, referring to the war with Russia, said: "We are ready to fight for a long time without losing many people, and we are able to reduce the casualties." At least
He continued to liken the Zionist regime in the context of a long-term war and said: Like Israel. We can live like them. Israel is also at war. It depends on the type of war.
Zelensky, who was interviewed by "Rada" TV channel, in response to a question about taking the war into the territory of Russia, also said: No. I believe that there is a great danger in this work, which will leave us infinitely alone.
The President of Ukraine said about the issue of the Crimean Peninsula: Russia can try to demilitarize the Crimean Peninsula, of course, with political means.
Zelensky's statements in the context of a long-term war are heard while there are whispers about the reduction of Western military support for this country. Media reports earlier this summer indicated that the West hoped that continued military aid to Ukraine would lead to significant territorial gains against Russian forces, but nearly three months into Ukraine's counterattacks, the country's military has not been able to penetrate Russian defense lines.
The Wall Street Journal reported from American officials that the United States is unlikely to arm Kiev in 2024 as much as it did in 2023.
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