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The emphasis of the president of Iran on the adherence to the water contract between this country and Afghanistan and its implementation
The Islamic President of Iran also answered a question about the country's right to water from Afghanistan in a press conference attended by domestic and foreign journalists in Tehran today, Tuesday, August 29. Referring to the dispatch of a group of Iranian experts to Afghanistan to investigate the amount of water rights in this country, Ayatollah Sayed Ebrahim Raisi stressed the adherence to the water rights agreements between Iran and some neighboring countries, including Afghanistan, and its implementation.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: In response to the question of the AFP reporter, the President of Iran stated that due to the current drought, heat wave, decreasing rainfall and the closing of rivers by Iran's neighbors, the practical measures of your government regarding the water crisis And what are the said problems? He said: We have a decrease in rainfall in the country, but we are a nation that turns threats and problems into opportunities. Water tensions are the attention and opinion of the government. For that, it has been planned in different regions and we have plans in the field of water supply for drinking water, agricultural water and industrial water.
Ayatollah Raisi continued: That's why we planned, and with all the droughts and the lack of rainfall, the water stress in the city and the countryside will be as low as possible, and we definitely know that God's favor will definitely include this country and the border of Bum.
Emphasizing that they have a good relationship with their neighbors, he added: There are already contracts between us and some of the neighboring drawers, and our emphasis is on adhering to these contracts. We also followed up to make the contracts effective. Specifically, regarding the water in the surrounding areas of Sistan and Baluchistan, Afghanistan, the discussions and follow-ups of Kazmi Qomi, the special representative of the president for Afghanistan affairs, led to the dispatch of an expert group from Iran, and they also accepted the expert group to check the amount of water for the use of Sistan and Baluchistan province.
The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran stated: We have contracts with other neighboring countries that we are following up on, and we are looking for the full implementation of the contracts with the neighboring countries with which we have friendly relations, God willing.
He pointed out: We have planned not to have water problems despite these water tensions or lack of rains, by observing the savings that will be made in drinking water, agricultural water and industrial water.
At the same time, Iran and Afghanistan have spent tense months on the issue of Helmand water rights in the past months, especially after the warning of the President of Iran regarding the of water rights of this country from the Helmand River on the sidelines of his visit to Sistan and Baluchistan province. left behind, which was reduced by the agreement of the two sides regarding the visit of the Iranian expert delegation to Afghanistan and its visit to the water gauge station of Dehrawood. Investigations by the Iranian expert panel also proved that the water level entering the Helmand River has decreased based on the water measurement at the Dehrawood station, and Afghanistan is facing a water shortage. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran has also considered this action of the Islamic Emirate to visit the Dehrawood station by the expert delegation of this country as a sign of the goodwill of the caretaker government of Afghanistan.
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