Publish dateThursday 31 August 2023 - 09:08
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Snooker competitions in Balkh province
The head of the Snooker Federation of Balkh province says that the snooker tournament was held in this province with the participation of 32 people, and one of them was selected as a member of the national team.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Mazar-e-Sharif: Nusratullah Muazzam, the head of Balkh Province Snooker Federation, said about the "summer snooker tournament" in this province: the purpose of holding this tournament is to identify top talents and figures in the field of snooker. Finally, after the competition is over, we can register the winner in the national team.
He stated that 32 people have participated in the snooker tournament, out of which only one winner will be selected for the provincial and national team.
The head of the Snooker Federation of Balkh Province called the situation of this sport better than in the past and said that in the republican system, unfortunately, there were abuses and negative actions in all sports fields, but with the establishment of the Islamic Emirate government, the challenges and problems have decreased.
On the other hand, Ahmad Sohrab Osmani, the public relations officer of Balkh province's physical education directorate, says that in the early days of the Islamic Emirate government, the spirit of sports among young people had faded, but recently we have seen the opposite, and the government is strengthening and supporting sports and athletes. It has serious attention because they want to show the peace, progress and freedom of the country to the world through sports.
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