Publish dateThursday 14 September 2023 - 15:28
Story Code : 276624
The release of 120 Afghan refugees from Pakistani prisons in recent days
Officials in the Ministry of Immigrants and Returnees say that 120 Afghan immigrants have been released from Pakistani prisons in the last five days due to the efforts of this ministry.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: The Ministry of Refugees and Returnees wrote on its X social page on Thursday, September 14, that these asylum seekers have been released in the last five days.
The ministry said, "In the last five days, 120 Afghan refugees were released from Pakistani prisons in Quetta with the efforts of the Ministry of Migration Affairs."
According to this ministry, over the past few days, more than 500 Afghan refugees with and without documents have been arrested and imprisoned by the Pakistani police.
The source says that as a result of the ministry's continuous efforts, 120 people who had legal documents have been released from prison.
The Ministry of Migrants and Returnees assures that the efforts to release the rest of the imprisoned citizens of Afghanistan also continue.
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