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Researchers use detailed images of Mars for settlement!
In their project, the researchers of New York University Abu Dhabi have combined thousands of images recorded by the United Arab Emirates' "Hope" probe of Mars and created a detailed color map of the entire red planet. They say that these images can be used to record suitable places for future settlements on this planet.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Mars rover Perseverance was not alone when it landed on Mars in February 2021. In addition to the Ingenuity lander, the rover also carried a set of scientific instruments designed to search for possible signs of ancient life.
One of these laboratory instruments was called "Moxie", which was sent to this planet specifically to extract oxygen from the atmosphere of Mars. This instrument managed to extract oxygen from the carbon dioxide-rich atmosphere of Mars for more than two years.
According to CNN, this experiment, which has just ended, appeared beyond NASA's expectations, and its capabilities showed that it is possible to obtain the oxygen necessary for the survival and preservation of life, as well as the supply of rocket fuel, on Mars itself, and there is no need to Transfer the necessary oxygen from Earth to the Red Planet.
However, this is not enough, and future astronauts will need much more equipment and logistical facilities to stay on Mars for a long time.
Where on Mars is suitable for settlement?
It's a good idea to check your destination map and weather forecast before any long trip. This issue is also true about human migration and travel to Mars. In fact, this is the goal that New York University Abu Dhabi researchers intend to do with the Mars map. The project combined thousands of images captured by the United Arab Emirates' Hope probe and created a detailed color map of the entire Red Planet.
The Emirates Omid spacecraft has been orbiting the Red Planet since 2021.
"It may sound silly, but it may be common for many people to travel to Mars and even live there in the future," said Dimitra Atri, director of the university's Mars Research Group.
Researchers say a complete map of Mars could be used to study weather patterns, identify resources, as well as safe landing sites for future astronauts.
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