Publish dateSunday 17 September 2023 - 20:28
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Farahi: 25 Media Licenses Have Been Issued Since 2 years ago
25 new media outlets received licenses in the past two Years. Deputy Minister of Publications of the Ministry of Information and Culture said.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, Mawlavi Hayatullah Muhajr Farahi, Deputy Minister of Publication of the Ministry of Information and Culture, said in an interview with BNA in Herat that currently, 364 media outlets, including government and private media are operating in the country.
Deputy Farahi says that in the last two years, media licenses have been issued for 25 new ones and they started broadcasting in the country.
A number of media have stopped their broadcasting due to the lack of finances and adding that the Islamic Emirate has not banned any media outlet in the country.
Media allowed to broadcast in the country considering Islamic values, national interests, and people’s culture will be supported, he added.
About YouTubers, Farahi said that recently many youths have been busy with YouTube as its source of income, and the Ministry of Information and Culture has arranged a procedure to legalize YouTube activities in the country.
Later on, he spoke about the distribution of identity cards to journalists and said, this process has started in Kabul and asked the media men in the provinces to apply for receiving an identity card from the Ministry of Information and Culture.
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