Publish dateMonday 18 September 2023 - 09:30
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The twenty-year presence of NATO member countries caused thousands of people to be killed and injured in Afghanistan
Some political figures of the country say that in twenty years of the military presence of NATO member countries, especially the United States, thousands of Afghans were killed and injured in Afghanistan, therefore NATO member countries should pay compensation to the affected families.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): These political figures in a press conference on the occasion of the losses inflicted on Afghans by foreigners in the last twenty years of wars, said that during the twenty years of the military presence of NATO member countries, especially the United States, thousands of Afghans were killed and wounded in Afghanistan.
Mohammad Salim Paigir, the head of Afghanistan's United Intellectual Party, said in this meeting: We want them to pay compensation not only to the Helmand, but also to pay compensation to the entire country of Afghanistan.
Mohibullah Sharifi, an expert on political issues, also said: "Pioneering people in the Islamic Emirate who are able to raise the voice of the Afghan people in this way should not hesitate to use whatever means they have available to them."
Some of the speakers in this meeting believe that the only way to fight against the big powers and countries of the world is education and they ask the Islamic Emirate to open the gates of schools and universities to girls as soon as possible.
Hamidullah Hotak, an expert on political issues, said: "Unfortunately, whenever it comes to writing, we lose, when it comes to politics, we lose." Let's fill this void and I am sending my voice to the leader of the Islamic Emirate, Sheikh Hebatullah Akhundzadeh, to hear our voice, hear the voice of our children, hear the voice of our sisters and mothers."
Toryali Hammet, a member of the Islamic Emirate, said: "He agrees one hundred percent with their words, and not only them, but the politicians who think about the good of Afghanistan and the people, listen to it and do it to the point of practicality."
Abdul Jabbar Safi, who had fourteen members of his family killed and injured in an airstrike during the presence of foreign forces in the country, criticizes the lack of attention to his problems.
Abdul Jabbar Safi, a member of the victim's family, said: "Three of our families were there and fourteen people were wounded and martyred, and until today no one has heard from us."
The participants in this meeting still want Afghans to commit themselves against the injustices of foreign soldiers and ask the citizens of the country to raise their voice against the injustices in Afghanistan.
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