Publish dateThursday 21 September 2023 - 18:58
Story Code : 277017
China’s Commitment to Afghanistan
Acting Minister of Economy, has met with the head of the Chinese MCC-MJAM Company.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, The company is involved in extracting copper from the Miss Aynak mine in Logar province.
The meeting focused on enhancing technical cooperation and accelerating the mining process at Miss Aynak.
According to a statement from the Economy Ministry, Khah Shoping offered a positive assessment of Afghanistan’s economic situation compared to the previous year.
He indicated that the Chinese government is keen to contribute to Afghanistan’s economic rehabilitation and development across various sectors through infrastructure projects.
Shoping provided updates on the Miss Aynak copper project and their coordination with international organizations regarding antiquities located at the mine site.
He shared ideas and suggestions with the Ministry of Economy leadership and assured them of the commencement of practical work on the mine.
The Acting Economic Minister views the Miss Aynak copper project as one of the country’s most important economic initiatives.
He believes that this project will be effective in creating employment opportunities, reducing poverty, and improving Afghanistan’s overall economic situation.
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