Publish dateFriday 22 September 2023 - 14:05
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Raising the dispute between India and Canada; Delhi does not issue visas to Canadians
The assassination of an Indian separatist Sikh leader in Canada has greatly strained the relationship between this country and India. So that the Indian visa processing center in Canada has stopped providing its services due to a dispute over Canada's claim that India was involved in the assassination of a Canadian citizen, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Narendra Modi government has also announced that the activities of the visa issuing department for Canadian citizens will be suspended until Further notice is suspended.
Afghan Voice AgenAVA(Ava): According to Al Jazeera, the Indian Visa Service Company announced on its website that the said services have been stopped due to the notification of the Indian Visa Processing Center, suddenly the notice of the suspension of the services.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has claimed that the killers of Sikh separatist leader Hardeep Singh Najjar in June were linked to the Indian government. The Indian government strongly denies this claim of the Canadian government.
Meanwhile, another Sikh man, wanted by the Indian police, has been killed during inter-group violence in Canada's Winnipeg province.
These events have created a wide diplomatic gap between these two old allies. So that the Canadian government announced on Thursday, 30th of Sableh, that it will reduce the number of diplomatic employees of this country in India following numerous threats to its employees on social networks.
The Canadian High Commission in India announced in a statement: "Given that a significant number of diplomatic staff have received threatening messages on various social networks, we have decided to review our staff numbers. Therefore, in order to comply with the safety standards, the number of people working in Canadian agencies in India will be reduced until further notice."
Relations between Canada and India are at their lowest point in years as the two countries accuse each other and expel each other's diplomats over the killing of Sikh separatist leader Hardeep Singh Najjar.
Experts say it remains to be seen whether this will create a lasting rift between the two US allies, but the current situation is unsettling for Western countries seeking to woo Delhi as a counterweight to China and India's cooperation in the Ukraine conflict. Is.
Meanwhile, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made headlines in India five years ago due to his enthusiastic acceptance of this country's culture during a week-long trip with his family.
The controversy has now spread to social media and sparked angry protests in both India and Canada. INA news agency reported that Canadian diplomats in India have received threats through social media, which has made Canada decide to temporarily shift staff presence in India.
Al Jazeera columnist Andrew Mitrovica responded by writing: "If India killed a Sikh Canadian, Trudeau and other liberal prime ministers are to blame." This writer believes Trudeau is playing politics and has a long history of allowing his foreign allies to target non-white nationals.
Mitrovica wrote: "In my opinion, a more serious and wiser prime minister should have waited to express words of such importance and consequence with more documents."
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