Publish dateSaturday 23 September 2023 - 17:08
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The return of 1,600 Afghan refugees from Pakistan
Officials in the Ministry of Immigrants and Returnees say that 1,600 Afghan immigrants have returned to the country from Pakistan through Spin Boldak border in Kandahar province in the last two days.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: On Saturday, the Ministry of Refugees and Returnees wrote on its X page that 1,600 Afghan refugees living in Pakistan crossed the Spin Boldak border in Kandahar province.
According to the information of Spin Boldak Border Directorate of Kandahar province, 250 migrant families, which included 1,600 people, have been forcibly returned to the country from Pakistan.
The source added that after registering with the Border Directorate, they were introduced to the office of the International Organization for Migration and a number of them who were suffering from various diseases were treated for free by the health network.
Meanwhile, this ministry has announced the opening of a registration center for returnees in Paktika province.
According to the report of Paktika province's immigration department, the registration center for returnees was opened on September 19.
According to the information of the source, the said center has been established and started operating on the basis of the order of the ministry official and as a result of the efforts of the provincial administration and the immigration directorate of that province, near the hypothetical Durand line in the "Angoraheda" area.
The source added that with the opening of the mentioned center for the refugees who are returning to the country from Pakistan, in addition to registering and determining their number, their information will be shared with the Ministry of Refugee Affairs and partner institutions for the purpose of assistance.
This is despite the fact that in the last few days, the return of Afghan refugees from Pakistan has intensified due to the misbehavior of the police in this country.
It should be noted that, in addition to the harassment of Afghan immigrants by the Pakistani police, a number of them are languishing in the prisons of this country.
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