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During the last week, 75 low-quality oil tankers have been returned to Iran
Officials of the National Norm and Standard Department say that this department has returned 75 oil tankers to the Islamic Republic of Iran in the past week due to low quality.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Ashiqullah Waziri, the spokesperson of the National Norms and Standards Department, told AVA reporter on Saturday (September 23) that these tankers were returned to Iran from Abu Nasr Farahi port in Farah province during the past one week.
He pointed out that last month, this department had returned dozens of low-quality diesel oil tankers to Iran.
Waziri also emphasized that the National Standard Department has recently taken serious steps to prevent the import of low-quality oil in the country.
Waziri makes these statements while the chairman of the board of directors of the Iranian Oil Products Exporters Union has said that the mafia is trying to prevent the importation of Iranian oil to Afghanistan in response to the return of Iranian oil tankers by the Islamic Emirate.
Ahmad Marouf Khani said that the oil exported to Afghanistan was of high quality; However, due to the interests of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, Iran's oil products have been prevented from entering Afghanistan.
The spokesman of Afghanistan's National Standard Department, however, rejected Ahmad Khani's statement and emphasized that this department has prevented the importation of low-quality oil and materials from all countries.
Waziri added that the Afghan National Standards Agency works to stabilize the quality of materials, oil, construction and other materials and stabilizes the quality of these materials at the ports after they enter Afghanistan.
He stated that if the laboratory results of the tested materials prove negative, this department will return it again; He stated that the Afghanistan National Standard Administration has returned more than a hundred wagons of cargo from Hairatan port to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in one month.
The spokesman of Afghanistan's National Standards Authority emphasized that in the future, any country that exports low-quality materials to Afghanistan will be returned again.
Based on the minister's statements; For this department, it doesn't matter which country the materials belong to, and they continue their activities only in the direction of fighting against low-quality materials.
Meanwhile, Mohammad Nabi Afghan, an expert in economic affairs, told AVA reporter that the National Standards Department of Afghanistan has revived its position in the last two years and has prevented the entry of low-quality materials into the country through legal actions.
He added that the entry of low-quality oil and materials can lead to negative effects on Afghanistan's economy and environment.
Based on Afghan statements; The measures taken by the Afghanistan National Standard Administration to control the entry of these substances into the country have caused the damage to public interests to be minimized, and in this way, the occurrence of diseases in the society will be prevented and the vehicles will have a longer life.
Navid Ahmed Barakzai, the owner of one of the oil tanks in the capital, also told AVA reporter that the entry of low-quality materials, especially low-quality oil, can lead to extensive negative effects, including "impact on public health", "destroying the environment" and "weakening the economy".
He added that in order to prevent these problems, the Afghan National Standard Administration has dealt more seriously in the last two years, which has been welcomed by the people.
This is despite the fact that before this, Ashiqullah Waziri, the spokesperson of the National Standard Administration of Afghanistan, said in an exclusive interview with the reporter of AVA that during the past year, more than 3,000 oil tankers and low-quality oil have been returned to different countries.
However, before this gentleman Kasab, the economic adviser of Iran's presidential special representative for Afghanistan affairs, told AVA reporter that most of the returned tankers were related to transit cargo from Iraq to Afghanistan, which at the Melk/Zaranj border due to low quality have been returned.
He emphasized that these products were not Iranian in any way.
It should be mentioned that the Islamic Republic of Iran, in addition to being one of the largest exporters of goods to Afghanistan, and thousands of tankers of various petroleum products are imported from this country to Afghanistan every year, is also an important transit route from many destinations in the country, including Iraq. and many traders try to import low-quality goods, including oil and fuel, into Afghanistan in transit from Iran.
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