Publish dateSunday 24 September 2023 - 23:40
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Various Delegations Sent Abroad to Encourage Instructors to Return: Nadim
Different delegations have gone to various countries to encourage instructors to return to Afghanistan. Acting Minister of Higher Education, Neda Mohammad Nadim, said.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, Speaking at a gathering in the northern province of Balkh, Nadim said that efforts are underway to recruit foreign-based professors to the universities.
“We have sent different delegations to various countries so those who are good instructors and are living abroad return to the country,” Nadim said.
He said that the Islamic Emirate has allocated 450 million Afs to provide facilities for research and improvement of laboratories.
“Increasing the capacity of the instructors is an important issue. 450 million Afs have been allocated for us today to improve the capacity of the instructors,” Nadim said.
Meanwhile, the university instructors called on the interim government to pay attention to the universities in Afghanistan.
“This is our main problem. We should have a proper place for every faculty. We will be successful both in teaching and knowledge,” said Saleh Mohammad Rasikh, a university instructor.
“There is no opposition against the education and teaching methods which are in line with the Islamic Sharia,” said Saeed Hashimi, head of the Ulema peace council.
Nadim has reportedly begun traveling to the northern provinces in a bid to assess the challenges of the universities and higher education sectors in the provinces.
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