Publish dateTuesday 26 September 2023 - 12:21
Story Code : 277242
Anti-Zionist protests continue in Gaza
Despite the claims of the Zionist media that the Palestinian demonstrations in Gaza have stopped, these activities witnessed anti-Zionist demonstrations by Palestinian youth for the tenth day in a row.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): In the latest news received, sources announced that at least two Palestinians were wounded by Israeli soldiers' bullets and went to the hospital, while a large number of Palestinian youths were also injured due to the inhalation of poisonous gases. They were suffocated by the gas bullets fired by the Zionist soldiers.
The Zionist army also targeted one of the resistance watchtowers in the east of Gaza on Monday evening, but according to resistance sources, no one was present at the time of the attack.
These developments are taking place while the radio of the Zionist regime claimed at noon today that according to the warning that Israel sent to Hamas through Egypt, this group is going to stop the demonstrations on the border of the Gaza Strip.
This Hebrew-language media quoted local Palestinian sources as claiming that, according to the instructions issued by the leaders of Gaza, it was decided not to hold the programs of the return camps in the east of the Gaza Strip.
However, the reports received from the east of Gaza City show that the Palestinian youths are still protesting against the Zionist occupation and the Zionist soldiers are shooting at the Palestinian youths from their turrets and bunkers.
Journalists in covering the 10th day of this demonstration emphasize that not only them, but also the rescue vehicles were targeted by the tear gas bullets of the Zionist soldiers.
The Palestinian youths, who have been protesting the siege of the Gaza Strip and the ongoing crimes of the Zionist regime against the Palestinian nation since ten days ago, responded to the actions of the Zionist military by releasing their fire balloons towards the Zionist settlements around the Gaza Strip. They have caused serious problems, while some improvised explosive devices have also been detonated by some youths around the barrier wall.
Since 2006, the Gaza Strip has been under Israeli land, air and sea blockade, and the residents of this strip are facing many problems.
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