Publish dateSaturday 30 September 2023 - 11:25
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After a month, Pakistan will start a massive operation to deport immigrants
Pakistani media reported that the country's caretaker government announced a one-month deadline for illegal immigrants to leave Pakistan, and after the said period, it will start a massive operation to deport them.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Pakistani media have reported that the Pakistani government will announce a one-month deadline for illegal immigrants, including Afghans, to leave the country in the near future.
Based on the reports, after this one-month deadline; The Pakistani government will begin operations across the country with the aim of deporting illegal immigrants, most of whom are Afghans.
It is said that this new policy will be announced by Pakistan's Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti in the coming days.
Earlier, the local Pakistani media reported that the government of Pakistan, in a new decision, intends to deport one million and one hundred thousand Afghan refugees who are living illegally in that country.
The cabinet of the interim government of Pakistan allowed the relevant authorities to make arrangements for the return of all illegal Afghan refugees to their country, and this decision of Islamabad has also been informed by the Islamic Emirate.
The Express Tribune newspaper wrote: "Since the return of the Taliban to Afghanistan in the summer of 2021, about 400,000 Afghan citizens have entered Pakistan illegally. Also, another 700,000 Afghans have been identified as living illegally in different parts of Pakistan.
According to this report, Pakistan has hosted millions of Afghan refugees for decades, and at one point even 5 million Afghan refugees were staying in Pakistan. Some estimates indicate that nearly 4 million Afghan refugees are still living in Pakistan. However, the number of people with valid asylum cards is much lower, according to official records.
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