Publish dateMonday 2 October 2023 - 23:47
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40 Health Centers Established, 30,000 Drug Addicts Treated in Balkh
Since last year, Balkh has seen the establishment of 40 healthcare centers and the treatment of approximately 30,000 drug addicts in this province.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, Dr. Najibullah Tawana, the director of public health in Balkh, highlighted that one of their significant achievements in the health sector is the provision of equal health services to citizens in both urban and rural areas.
In the last year alone, 116 health centers have been renovated and equipped, with an additional 40 new centers established. Dr. Tawana also mentioned efforts to prevent the distribution of expired medicines and food items.
Investigation teams of the Department of Public Health of the province managed to collect and destroy 210 tons of outdated and low-quality food items and medicines from stores within a year.
Dr. Tawana noted that before the Islamic Emirate took control of the country, Mazar-e-Sharif had thousands of drug addicts wandering its streets.
However, following directives from the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate, more than 30,000 addicts from all over the province have received treatment and are reunited with their families.
Mawlavi Abu Idris, Deputy Governor of Balkh, who was also present at the meeting, stated that they are working to improve the health sector by attracting aid and implementing numerous projects in the province.
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