Publish dateTuesday 3 October 2023 - 13:59
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Entry of citizens of Ukraine to Russia without obtaining a visa
The Kremlin says that according to the new decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian citizens can enter the country without obtaining a visa, and this will help those who want to immigrate to Russia.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, the fact is that a large number of Ukrainian citizens are coming to our country and many of them want to be completely assimilated in our country, and of course Putin's order to Ukrainians who want It helps to move to Russia.
Last week, the President of Russia signed a decree that established the procedure for the entry and exit of Ukrainian citizens to Russia.
According to this decree, Ukrainian citizens who have a Ukrainian birth certificate or passport, diplomatic passport, identification card of a ship's sailor or flight attendant and flight crew can cross the Russian border without obtaining a visa. Ukrainians can also enter Russia using a Ukrainian ID card.
In the case of children, they must have a birth certificate or be accompanied by their legal guardian who has information about the child recorded in their passport.
Ukrainians with expired documents will also be allowed to enter Russia, and Ukrainian citizens who do not have valid identification documents can, as an exception, leave the country by presenting a document that proves their identity as a foreign citizen in Russia. It is allowed for Ukrainians to leave via the land border to neighboring countries, and to leave Russia with expired documents.
The visa waiver agreement between Russia and Ukraine came into effect in 1977, according to which the citizens of these two countries could cross the border between the two countries without obtaining a visa, but Ukraine canceled this agreement from the beginning of January 2023.
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