Publish dateSaturday 7 October 2023 - 16:05
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Israel under the fire of Palestinian resistance; So far, 22 Zionists have been killed and more than 550 others have been injured
This morning, the Palestinian resistance forces captured parts of the occupied lands near Gaza in a surprise operation and attacked other occupied areas including Tel Aviv and Ashdod with hundreds of missiles and rockets. Israeli authorities have confirmed the death of 22 Zionists and the wounding of more than 550 people. In its latest position, Islamic Jihad has said that we are witnessing a historic day in Palestine.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Dr. Mohammad Al-Hindi, the Deputy Secretary General of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, said that today Palestine is witnessing a historic day and witnessing unprecedented scenes.
According to Palestine Al-Yum website, he said: "The resistance of the occupying regime was smashed with rockets and dozens of fighters crossed the borders and penetrated tens of kilometers, and then they got into a fight with the Zionist army and took it captive and many spoils of war." They got it."
Mohammad al-Handi added: "The enemy is in great fear and the entire region is in shock, and the enemy has lost control in the face of Gaza."
Addressing the Zionist regime, he said: "Where are your iron domes and David's shield and the army that never fails and the security organizations and the ground forces and the drones that monitor the borders of Gaza?"
Deputy Ziad Al-Nakhleh emphasized: "Today's message is that this is not your land and this operation will teach Israel a lesson that it will never forget." This is just the beginning and wait for your escape from our land. Today is a historic day and the equations have changed."
In the end, Mohammad Al-Handi said: "This historical message was transmitted by Abu Khaled al-Dazif from the mouth of the bullet."
Earlier, "Saraya Al-Quds", the military branch of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, also announced that the fighters of this group will fight with the Zionists alongside the Hamas forces.
Abu Hamzah, the spokesman of Saraya Al-Quds, declared: "We are part of this war and our fighters will stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers in Hamas [movement] until victory."
Ismail Haniyeh also said in a message a few hours ago: "This storm started in Gaza and will spread to the West Bank and outside the country and all the places where our people and ummah are present."
Calling this operation historic and epic, Haniyeh pointed out that the main reason for the start of the operation was the criminal aggression of the Zionists in Al-Aqsa Mosque, which had reached its peak in recent days.
This morning, the Palestinian resistance forces attacked the occupied territories, including Tel Aviv and Ashdod, with hundreds of missiles and rockets. According to the Commander-in-Chief of Kataib al-Qassam, "In the first attack of Al-Aqsa storm operation, more than 5 thousand missiles and rockets were fired at enemy positions, airfields and their fortifications. We have decided to end the crime of the occupiers. The time when they rebelled without any accounting has ended.
At the same time as this attack, Hamas fighters penetrated the Zionist settlements around the Gaza Strip and captured some Zionist soldiers and took some areas under their control.
Following this operation, other resistance groups also declared their full support for Hamas and announced that they will fight shoulder to shoulder with Hamas fighters.
Channel 14 of the Zionist regime reported that the number of people who died in the settlements around Gaza is very high.
The Zionist Army Radio has also reported that at least 35 Zionists have been captured by the resistance forces; Also, until the moment of setting this news, Channel 12 of the occupying regime also said that 22 Zionists were killed and more than 545 people were injured.
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