Publish dateSunday 31 May 2020 - 19:03
Story Code : 211128
Over 2,700 Taliban, 420 government prisoners released so far
A total of 2,710 Taliban prisoners and 420 government prisoners have been released so far following the group's deal with the United States.

Under the deal signed on February 29, up to 5,000 Taliban prisoners and 1,000 government prisoners are expected to be released as confidence building move ahead of intra-Afghan talks.
The prisoner swap, which was scheduled to be completed before March 10, has faced opposition and hurdles.
Last month, a Taliban team visiting Kabul pulled out of prisoner talks with the Afghan government apparently over the group's insistence to release about 15 senior commanders convicted of major attacks.
The Taliban have sent back their team to Kabul and sources close to the group told 1TV that there has been progress in discussions.
According to the sources, Taliban will not enter talks with the Afghan government unless their senior commanders are released as well.
Earlier on Saturday, head of High Council for National Reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah the government's team was ready for negotiations with the Taliban, hoping they would start within the next two weeks.
Source : Afghan Voce Agency(AVA)
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