Publish dateTuesday 10 October 2023 - 10:30
Story Code : 278038
Infiltration of resistance troops into the Zionist settlement near Gaza
The special forces of Al-Qassam troops attacked the town of "Kfar Saad" on a car and also using a glider and succeeded in penetrating it.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Local sources reported on Tuesday morning that Palestinian fighters tried to infiltrate the Zionist settlements around the Gaza Strip.
It is said that the resistance fighters attacked the town of "Kfar Saad" with two vehicles and a fierce conflict took place with the Zionist soldiers.
"Al-Jazeera" channel also reported that Hamas forces are firing mortar shells and rockets at the Saad region to prevent the advance of the invaders.
At the same time, the local media reports that the sirens of the attack were sounded in the Zionist settlements of "Alumim", "Nahl Oz".
"Al-Mayadeen" reporter reported that the resistance fighters mounted on a car and also using a glider, attacked the two settlements of "Nahl Oz".
The TV of the Provisional Zionist regime confirmed the infiltration of al-Qassam Special Forces into the town of Kafar Saad and announced the terrorist occupation's attempt to clash with them.
The Palestinian media also pointed to the efforts of the resistance fighters to drag the war into the occupied territories, and reported that the elite forces of al-Qassam have reached the usurped houses in Kafar Saad.
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