Publish dateTuesday 17 October 2023 - 00:42
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Victims of Herat Earthquake Appeal for More Aid
Quake-hit people of Herat have appealed to aid agencies to provide them more help, such as shelter, food and clothing.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, Distribution of aid by numerous foreign organizations continues daily in the quake-hit area – aid that is being sent in by individuals, governments and humanitarian aid organizations.
The survivors however are sleeping in tents in camps on open ground and are terrified of further quakes. Since October 7, they have endured three 6.3 magnitude earthquakes and a string of strong after shocks, many recorded at over 5.0 magnitude.
Hundreds of homes have been completely destroyed and most victims have lost all their belongings.
“We have nothing, all our possessions are buried under the ground and we cannot live in these tents either,” said one earthquake victim Sangin.
“We have not received help, we need [building] materials and help,” said Najib, another Herat resident.
Aid organizations and international organizations are however working in the worst-hit areas daily and the process of distributing aid continues. In addition to cooked meals, organizations are handing out wheat, flour, oil and other basic essentials.
“We have created five committees for four districts, in which there are two health committees, three disaster teams that are busy in each region, and we want to provide aid to the victims in a transparent manner,” said Seyyed Minhajuddin Hashemi, head of the Afghan Red Crescent in Farah.
“We have brought seven types of aid to the victims of the earthquake, which includes tents, blankets, tea, sugar, cooking oil and flour,” said Mohammad Alam Shahab, head of the German Committee for Afghan Children, which is also helping in the area.
However, winter is fast approaching, which is a major concern for the quake victims who say they will lose their children if they don’t have proper shelter in the next few weeks.
“Winter is coming and there must be a shelter and that is our problem,” said Daoud, an earthquake survivor.
“It is not livable here at all,” another local, Sangin, said.
“Our whole life is gone,” said Ghulam Haider.
Injil and Zindajan districts of Herat sustained the most damage in the quakes. They say they desperately need proper housing as the tents will not withstand the harsh winter.
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