Publish dateWednesday 18 October 2023 - 14:47
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Traders: Pakistan Does Not Allowing Empty Vehicles to Enter in Torkham
Pakistan does not allow empty cars in Torkham for the purpose of transferring goods, and daily up to $700,000 are lost to businessmen. Some businessmen and drivers said.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, They said that more than 300 trucks from Pakistan come to Afghanistan every day, but that country allows only 30 empty Afghan trucks to enter.
"If the situation continues in Afghanistan, the traders will disappear from Afghanistan, they will leave with the aim of not losing their capital…,” said Wahidullah, a trader.
“About 300 to 350 containers of goods are imported from Pakistan to Afghanistan every day. These trucks are empty in Afghanistan and return to Torkham where they are tortured,” said Zalmi Azimi, a trader.
According to the traders, every empty car costs them 180 to 320 dollars a day, and they cannot afford to pay the rent.
Meanwhile, drivers said that in addition to the traders, they also pay thousands of Afghanis daily and have suffered a lot of losses so far.
"Drivers have spent around 5-6 nights here since the gate was closed, people have been here,” said Nasir, a driver.
“800 containers should have gone. Now, if they allowed around 150 to 200 cars to enter, people would not be bothered here, nor would the road be blocked there,” said Muslim Khan, a driver.
Officials in Nangarhar said that most of the problems of Afghan traders in Torkham have been solved and they are trying to solve other problems as well.
“Currently, 500 cars go to Pakistan in 24 hours, but the problem is that the Pakistani side does not allow many cars to enter, and talks are ongoing to solve the problem,” said Adil, spokesman for governor of Nangarhar.
Earlier, some traders in a protest meeting in Nangarhar demanded the release of thousands of containers of businessmen's goods from Pakistan's Karachi port.
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