Publish dateSaturday 21 October 2023 - 12:14
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The Zionist regime
The Zionist regime, which killed more than a thousand people in the bombing of Al-Mamedani hospital in Gaza, is trying to bomb Al-Quds hospital in this city this time.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): After the barbaric crime of the Zionist regime in bombing the Al-Mamadani hospital in Gaza, this time the Zionists are looking to bomb the Al-Quds hospital.
The Palestinian Red Crescent reported that within an hour, the Zionists contacted the officials of this institution three times and emphasized that the Al-Quds hospital should be evacuated.
Al-Arabi news channel reported that this Palestinian organization has asked all the people of the world to act immediately to prevent a new massacre in Al-Quds Hospital in Gaza City.
The Palestinian Red Crescent says that 400 patients are hospitalized in this hospital, but 12,000 people have taken shelter there to escape the Zionist bombardment.
This week, the Zionist regime committed one of the most heinous crimes in its history by bombing al-Mamedani hospital. Ashraf al-Qadara, the spokesman of the Ministry of Public Health of the Palestinian Authority, announced that more than 1000 people were martyred during the bombardment of this hospital by Zionist fighters.
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