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The advancement and progress of the society is based on the presence of women in the society / Foreigners are trying to eliminate the Islamic identity of Afghan women / The Islamic Emirate provides a suitable basis for the presence of women in the society.
Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari, the general director of Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center and Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) in a meeting with a number of students living in Kabul, while pointing to the work of women in the society in two dimensions, raising themselves and raising The community said; The guidance, development and growth of the society is based on the presence of women in the society. He stated that foreigners were trying to destroy the identity of Afghan women and the Islamic Emirate is trying to provide a suitable platform for the presence of women in society.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Hussaini Mazari said in this meeting that the society needs women in two directions, to raise themselves and to raise the society. He continued to express: self-improvement should also be in two dimensions, acquiring academic knowledge and studying in the field of religious education, which are both necessary and obligatory for each other, that is, without having both, it is not possible for a woman to be ready to serve herself and become society
Furthermore, while pointing to the development of the society by women, he said: women have a heavy duty in building the society, and the guidance, progress and growth of the society depends on the presence of women in the society.
Mr. Mazari stated that women did not fulfill their main duties properly and completely during the past years; if women performed their duties properly, we would not be facing such a situation today.
Hussaini Mazari further pointed to the western approach towards women and added; After attacking a country, Westerners try to do the most work and investment on women, so that after taking the reins of leading women, they can work on the society and take the path of capturing a country easily; But in this way, they were not very successful in Afghanistan.
The head of the organization of the Tebyan Center, pointing out that no country can progress without the presence of women in society, said; In Afghanistan, women have always been a slave, and Westerners tried to make women their slave; But the Islamic Emirate is trying to provide a suitable platform for the presence of women in society.
He stated that the main duties of women in the family are husbandry, executive management of the home and family, having children, raising children and finally being in the community and said; The fifth and last duty of a woman is to be present in the community, which women have not yet worked in this sector in their original form.
Divine piety and respect for parents; Two keys to success in life
In the continuation of his speech, Hussaini Mazari said that the secret of human success is piety and following God's commands and added that if piety is institutionalized in human existence, we will succeed. Having piety provides the basis for progress.
Hujjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Hussaini Mazari stated that, along with divine piety, respect for parents is also important and causes a person's success in life. He considered respecting parents and obeying parents as mandatory if their orders are correct.
It should be mentioned that these students, while expressing their gratitude to Mr. Mazari and pointing out their goals in the Tebyan center, said that the Tebyan center is a suitable place for cultural work and serving the society with the idea of change in the society.
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