Publish dateThursday 2 November 2023 - 11:31
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The head of the political office of Hamas: the enemy was defeated both on October 7th and in the ground attack on Gaza
The head of the political bureau of the Hamas movement said in his latest statements about the recent events in the occupied territories; "I am saying to the enemies, you failed on the 7th of October and now you have failed in the ground attack on Gaza." He also added that the war in Gaza is a decisive war between the new Nazis and colonialists and freedom-loving nations who believe in peace and tolerance.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The head of the political bureau of the Hamas movement said yesterday, Wednesday, November 1, 2023: The enemy's efforts to cover up its defeat by committing barbaric crimes against the Palestinian nation will never deter this regime from its disgraceful defeat in Battle of Al-Aqsa Storm does not save.
Haniyeh added: "A brutal, criminal and terrorist war is going on here against Gaza and its people."
The head of the political bureau of Hamas stated: This is a brutal, criminal, terrorist war against Gaza and its people, which continues for the twenty-sixth day, and our people and Mujahideen continue to fight it with dignity and strength and draw the map of the homeland. .
Haniyeh added: O people of Gaza, O people of pride, sacrifice and redemption, O giant heroes, O those who fight between two axes in this fateful battle: the axis of the people of freedom and justice and the axis of racism and fascism.
He also said: a decisive battle between those who believe in tolerance, human peace and civilized coexistence and neo-Nazis supported by colonial powers who violate all values for their interests and bloody mentality.
This Palestinian official noted: On the twenty-sixth day of this heroic saga of resistance and our people and against these killings and the war of extermination of the neo-Nazis, we confirm that we stand in respect and admiration for this. The legendary steadfastness of our people, despite the loss of many martyrs and wounded, the last of which was the brutal massacre in Jabaliya, Nasirat, al-Shati and Fallujah camps. From the popular section
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