Publish dateThursday 2 November 2023 - 13:23
Story Code : 279690
Hezbollah to Gaza fighters:
The Lebanese resistance group of Hezbollah has written an open letter to resistance fighters in the Gaza Strip, which has come under a brutal Israeli war, expressing certainty about the Israeli regime's eventual defeat.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: "Your blood will drown this old and weak temple of Israel, which is on its final breath," read the letter dated Wednesday.

The letter came amid an October 7-present Israeli war against Gaza that has so far claimed the lives of nearly 8,800 people, including more than 3,600 children.

The regime launched the war after Gaza's resistance groups conducted Operation al-Aqsa Storm, their biggest operation against the occupying entity in years, killing at least 1,500 Israeli forces and settlers, and taking hundreds of others captive. 

"strike them any way you can," the letter read, adding, "We await victory, and the dawn of the morning is soon."

"Be certain that your martyrs and our martyrs are the path to al-Quds until the day of the total conquest," Hezbollah said, expressing confidence that the regional resistance efforts would lead to liberation of the holy city from Israeli occupation. 

Addressing the people of Gaza, Hezbollah said, "Your spirit for patience is much greater" than the bloodshed and suffering that was being imposed by the Israeli regime on the blockaded coastal territory./Press news
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