Publish dateSunday 5 November 2023 - 15:51
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Qatar: International reactions to the Gaza genocide are shameful
In a joint press conference with his French counterpart, the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar described the international reactions to the genocide in Gaza as unsatisfactory and, in some cases, shameful.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: "Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani", the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar, today (Sunday, November 5) in a joint press conference with "Catherine Colonna" the Minister of Foreign Affairs of France in Doha about the continuation of the situation Vakhim and Bahrani expressed regret in the Gaza Strip and said: international reactions to Israeli bombings are not necessary and desirable and in some cases are shameful.
He added that he consulted with his French counterpart regarding the continuation of efforts to release prisoners and send humanitarian aid to Gaza, and stressed the necessity of meeting all the needs of civilians, including telecommunications and fuel.
Qatar's foreign minister stated: Israeli occupation is committing genocide and ethnic cleansing in Gaza. Running out of fuel will put more hospitals out of service in the Gaza Strip. We are determined to continue our efforts for the release of civilians and for the security of our brothers in Gaza. We discussed the need for continuous aid to our besieged brothers in Gaza. The behavior of the international community with double standards has shaken the trust of the people of the region in international institutions.
After that, the French Foreign Minister also said that more efforts should be made to provide international aid in order to reduce the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza. France voted in favor of the ceasefire resolution and the Security Council should take responsibility for this.
He added: "In these critical moments, we rely on the aid of the Qatari government, and at the same time, we must say that there is a collective responsibility to prevent this humanitarian disaster and provide permanent aid."
The French foreign minister further pointed out and condemned the escalation of violence by the Zionist settlers in the West Bank. France will devote all its efforts to prevent the development of the scope of the war and to reach a diplomatic and peaceful solution. It is important to prevent the spread of war, especially in Lebanon, and no side should think of entering the war. Countering terrorism should be within the framework of humanitarian laws and civilians should not pay the price.
He claimed: France will work to restore the political horizon to this conflict and achieve security for Israel and a country for the Palestinians. Palestinians have the right to live in peace and we support their right to an independent state.
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