Publish dateTuesday 7 November 2023 - 10:11
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CNN: Israel is worried about the escalation of Iran
The head of cyber affairs of the Zionist regime announced to the CNN news network that the regime is "very concerned that Iran will escalate its long-term secret cyber war with Israel with more serious attacks on infrastructure."
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): According to IRNA, citing CNN, Gaby Portnoy claimed: "They [Iran] know that they can act more freely in the cyberspace than in the physical space." We are ready for it as much as we can."
Stating that his goal is to prevent the cyberspace from becoming "another front" in the war between Israel and Hamas, he claimed that "any escalation of Iran in the cyberspace will have a price, and it means that Israeli hackers can to retaliate with their operations against Iran.
CNN adds: "Iranian hacker groups have proven their skill in paralyzing the computer systems of Zionist companies."
This report points to the true nature of the Zionist regime's warmongering and Tel Aviv's inability to cyber attack Iran.
Portneau also claimed that "hackers affiliated with Hezbollah have hacked the security cameras of the Zionist regime to track the movement of Israeli soldiers in recent weeks."
The report also adds: "After the attacks by Hamas, Iranian hackers announced that they hacked a large number of Israeli security cameras. However, Iran's recent spate of cyber activities has raised concerns among American and Zionist officials that Tehran could use its considerable hacking capabilities to attack Israeli and US interests while avoiding direct confrontation with the Israelis. Prevent."
According to IRNA, the Palestinian resistance forces launched a surprise operation called "Al-Aqsa storm" from Gaza (south of Palestine) on Saturday October 15, 2023 against the positions of the occupying Quds regime, and this regime to retaliate and compensate for its defeat and stop The resistance operation has closed all crossings of the Gaza Strip and is bombarding this area.
Western support for the Zionist regime under the pretext of self-defense is practically a green light and a license for Tel Aviv to continue the brutal killing of Palestinian children and women.
Also, the fragility of the Zionist regime against the wave of cyber attacks has been such that even its most sensitive sites, including the sites of the Zionist intelligence and special operations organization known as the Mossad, as well as the Knesset (Parliament) and the transportation network of this regime, have been hacked so far.
Despite the widespread attacks against the Zionist regime in the field of cyber, this regime always hides a lot of information about the nature of these attacks and at the same time tries to present itself as having a cyber defense capability in order to prevent similar attacks against itself. and on the other hand show its image as a powerful regime in the region.
However, the scope of the recent attacks and its impact on the internal circles of the Zionist regime shows the level of concern and severe concerns that the officials of the Zionist regime are facing in the shadow of their inability, and the scope of these attacks and consequently the concerns are increasing every day. .
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