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Preaching in support of Palestine and opposition to Israel is an obvious righteous act/Afghans should not be silent about the oppression of Gaza!
Hosseini Mazari, speaking at the weekly youth program of Tebyan Center in Kabul, by mentioning that youth is the best period of human life to acquire merit is subject to the special guidance of becoming divine, he considered faith and doing righteous deeds as necessary for this, and emphasizing that Fighting tyranny and tyranny is an obvious righteous act that should be done, he said: In the current situation where it is not possible to be directly present on the battlefield, it is obligatory for all those who are able to be present in the field of preaching, media and social networks to " In the field of propaganda for the benefit of the oppressed people of Palestine and against the degenerate regime of Israel, which is one of the most obvious acts of righteousness.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: The weekly meeting of the youth section of the central office of the Tebyan Cultural and Social Activities Center in Kabul was held in the presence of Hojjat-ul-Islam Wal-Muslimin Seyyed Isa Hosseini Mazari and a group of young members of this center in the meeting hall of Bait Al-Shohada.
Hosseini Mazari, at the beginning of his speech in this meeting, by reciting the blessed verse, "We are not guilty of your prophesy, indeed, they are the children of our Lord, and we gave them guidance", pointed out that according to this honorable verse, guidance God Almighty includes those who believe be and do righteous deeds.
Mentioning that youth is the best period of human life, which deserves special divine guidance, he said in describing those who are under the special guidance of God Almighty: Such young people do not face dead ends at any stage of their lives and are effective in their lives. They go around and their behavior and speech are permanent. Moreover, throughout history, the young believers who did righteous deeds and were on the path of God's commands, became lasting characters, and if we are Muslims today and worship God Almighty to some extent, it is due to the sacrifices and efforts of these young people.
Hosseini Mazari considered righteous action to be good deeds and avoid bad deeds, and pointing out that worshiping God and fighting against tyrants is the axis of good deeds and prayer is the pillar of this axis, he added: Regarding the importance of prayer, it is enough that it cannot be abandoned under any circumstances. God forbid that a person is sick and unable to bend and straighten, he should still pray sitting, and if he is unable to sit and is in bed, he should pray by pointing, and even if the enemy is chasing him and the person is running away, he should still pray the fear prayer. 
This religious scholar introduced tyranny and distance from God as the core of all evils and said: Whether a person himself becomes a tyranny or obeys a tyranny and becomes dependent on a tyranny and is far from God, this is the center of tyranny. Young people should follow and investigate and see what the famous ones are and what the unpopular ones are, especially the young people who are interested in being someone in their lives and act according to the orders of God Almighty and be absolute devotees and stand against tyranny absolutely, they should follow the above formula. 
He further pointed out: The first duty of a young man is to observe the good and forbid the bad and to fulfill this religious obligation by self-improvement. Because until a person does not reform himself and does not act according to what is known and does not stand up against evil, it is clear that he cannot do anything at the level of society and people, and he will not be anyone in the field of action. This is where, before any action, we ourselves must be the cause of the good and forbid the bad, that is, we should do the good and avoid the bad and even fight against them.
Pointing out that if the roots of tyranny can be eradicated in the society, the region and the world, the fight against evils will become easier and the ground for the promotion of good things will be provided.
The tyrants of our time, that is, the enemies and oppressors who work in the region and the world today, unfortunately, are proceeding with seriousness gainst this volume of Taghut's efforts and conspiracies.
Hosseini Mazari stated that Israel is killing the people of Gaza in front of the eyes of the world, yet the presidents of the oppressive countries of the world come to Israel and support it, but the Islamic world only watches with two eyes, and said: Meanwhile, only One of the countries that officially supported Gaza and Palestine is the Islamic Republic of Iran and this year the Islamic Emirate was added. The Islamic Republic of Iran has supported the Palestinian movement since the beginning of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and this support continues seriously. For the first time in the history of Afghanistan, the government of the Islamic Emirate has officially supported the movement for the rights of the Palestinian people.
Pointing out that anyone who is silent about the Palestinian issue is not a Muslim, he pointed out: We must stand up against the clear and obvious denial of the tyrannical Israeli regime and fight against it.

Our youth should be aware in this regard and lest they be silent and careless in front of such incidents and say to me what! no! It is necessary and obligatory for every Muslim to take a serious presence in the field of supporting Palestine and fighting against Israel, and stand against oppression and defend the oppressed.
This religious scholar emphasized that the oppressed is the oppressed and it does not matter what religion he belongs to, and he should be supported, he said: If any creature, even an animal, is oppressed, we must act to defend the oppressed of that animal, let alone A person, let alone a Muslim person, even if he is of any religion, should not make any difference to us. Based on the orders of our jurisprudence and religion, we are obliged to fully support our Sunni brothers and sisters living in Palestine and not to hold anything back in this support.
The head of the Tebyan Center added: We wrote a letter to the leaders of Hamas in this regard and announced that we are ready to leave Afghanistan in thousands to come to Gaza and support you and stand against Israel. They still haven't given us an answer, which must be because the countries are very active in the field of supporting Palestine. Today, in all Islamic countries and in other countries, we see that anti-Zionist sentiments are heating up and they are supporting the oppressed people of Palestine and they are standing against Israel in a way that is unprecedented in history.
He said: Therefore, we are present in the arena and if Hamas and Islamic Jihad agree and in coordination with the countries that are on the way and also with the coordination and permission of the Islamic Emirate, we will definitely be present in the physical arena as well. But this opportunity has not been provided so far, the financial facilities are not available for the people of Afghanistan due to the problems we have in Herat and other places, but we can do the field advertising and presence in the media and virtual space. This ability is within our reach and we have this ability and we should not fail.
Hosseini Mazari considered the importance and reward of propaganda activities in the field of reflecting the oppression of the Palestinian people and exposing the crimes of the Israeli regime to be very high and said: If you give a like, a post and an article for the benefit of the people of Gaza and work against the Israeli regime, be sure. that you will be in the ranks of the Mujahidin fighting in Gaza and your reward will be the reward of those who are today in the trenches, in the basements and in the tunnels, day and night, starving, thirsting and suffering and giving blood.
Addressing all sections of the society, this religious scholar stated: It is obligatory for all people, all scholars, all scientists, all students, and all those who have the ability to participate in field announcements, media and social networks, that in the arena Advertisers should have a serious presence and support the oppressed people of Palestine and stand up against the decadent Israeli regime. This is an act of worship and it is one of the famous and obvious righteous deeds that every person who does it will be supported and guided by God.
At the end of his speech, Hosseini Mazari considered faith and doing righteous deeds as necessary to be included in the special guidance of the Almighty God and addressed the youth: Dear youth who are present here and other youth who hear my voice, they should be the agents of deeds. Become competent and act seriously in the field of enjoining good and forbidding evil and prepare for the present and the future of the country by self-improvement, as Afghanistan needs such young people.
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