Publish dateThursday 9 November 2023 - 10:23
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France helps Ukraine with 200 million euros
The French Ministry of Defense says it plans to include up to 200 million euros in aid packages for Ukraine in its war with Russia.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: French Defense Minister Sebastien LeCorneau has stated that the country plans to include another 200 million euros in its aid package to Ukraine in the war with Russia to meet the country's weapons needs.
According to Fars, under the influence of this support of 200 million euros, the Ukrainian army will be allowed to continue buying military equipment from France for the war against Russia.
In his speech at the French National Assembly regarding the granting of this aid package, Le Courneau said: In the parliament, an amendment was voted by which another 200 million euros will be added to the Ukraine support fund.
According to him, the recent action of the French government enables this country to achieve a new strategy to obtain new equipment from the Ukrainian army.
The additional budget intended for Ukraine will be part of the budget bill that will be discussed in the French parliament on November 8.
In July 2023, the French parliament agreed to increase its defense budget until 2030. This new measure to increase the amount of the defense budget is said to be in response to Russia's actions in the Ukraine war, and in general, the increase in the costs related to its defense budget includes the continuous military support of this country to Ukraine.
In this regard, the French arms company called "Verney-Carron" announced on November 6 that it has reached an agreement to supply Ukraine with weapons, and this agreement includes the supply of 10,000 assault weapons to the country's army.
According to this company, the necessary agreement is "subject to the required financing from the Ukrainian and French aid funds".
Earlier, in relation to the position of the French Ministry of Defense regarding the war in Ukraine, Le Courneau stated that the war in this country is a very important conflict that France should not neglect in any way.
During the past few days, the French Ministry of Defense announced the sending of dozens of armored vehicles to the Lebanese army in the form of other military support.
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