Publish dateThursday 16 November 2023 - 10:31
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A joint exercise between the US and South Korea was held with the presence of B-52 bombers
In the midst of the escalation of North Korea's threat, South Korea and the United States held their 12th joint air exercise this year with the presence of American B-52 bombers.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: The Ministry of Defense of South Korea announced in a statement today (Wednesday, November 15): South Korea and the United States started a joint air exercise with the presence of the American strategic bomber "B-52H" on the Korean Peninsula. . This is the 12th joint exercise in which strategic bombers are present. This exercise was held over the Yellow Sea with the presence of South Korean F-35A fighters and American F-15K, F-35B and F-16 fighters.
The exercise was part of the deterrence measures agreed between the US and its allies in Asia, a plan that includes increasing the presence of US strategic military equipment in the region.
According to Isna, the statement said: This new exercise was held with the aim of demonstrating joint capabilities in a quick, broad and decisive response to North Korea's provocative actions.
Meanwhile, the tension between America and China is still strong despite the visit of the Chinese president to America.
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