Publish dateTuesday 21 November 2023 - 12:08
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Sweden helps returnees and earthquake victims in Afghanistan
On the sidelines of a joint meeting with his Afghan counterpart in Vietnam, one of the officials of the Swedish Red Crescent Society said in a meeting with the head of the Afghan Red Crescent Society that his country will cooperate and expand its activities in providing assistance to the returnees and earthquake victims of Afghanistan.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Maulavi Muti-ul-Haq Khalis, Acting Director of the Afghan Red Crescent, during his trip and accompanying delegation to Vietnam, held a joint meeting on humanitarian activities in Afghanistan with Kerry Isuma, a member of the leadership board, The Swedish Red Crescent Society in this country and the accompanying delegation met and discussed.
According to the press release of the Afghan Red Crescent, in this meeting, there was a discussion about cooperation and necessary assistance for returning migrants from neighboring countries and the problems of the earthquake victims of Herat province and how to provide assistance to them.
Kari Isuma, a member of the leadership board of the Swedish National Jamiat, promised that they will cooperate with the Afghan Red Crescent in providing aid to refugees and earthquake victims and will expand their activities in Afghanistan.
He also expressed confidence about the humanitarian activities in Afghanistan that he will stand by the Afghan Red Crescent.
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